Why USD?

An explanation of why we've changed to USD.

Born in Vancouver, Chasing Sunrise is, at its roots a Canadian company. That understanding might cause some people to ask: "why do you charge in USD then?

There's no hiding it, USD is more valuable than CAD and in most cases would make the program cost more for the people that were there from the beginning, so one might immediately jump to a simple five letter word: greed.

That's not the case and in a pushed for continued transparency, we wanted to shed light on why we made the change and have a detailed explanation below.

Take a read and if you have any questions, feel free to fire us an email here.

1. The Growth of a Global Program

As Damn Early Days grows, it is increasingly become a global program with participants currently from over 20 countries around the world, spanning almost every timezone there is. As we grow, we expect this trend to continue and will soon see a day where the majority of participants are from countries outside of Canada.

As the most stable and dependable currency in the world, the USD is the gold standard around the world – including companies that conduct business online. Choosing USD allows us to provide participants from all over the world a currency that they are familiar and comfortable with.

But what about the increased cost for us Canadians? That's why we do the Pay What You Want model.

2. The Pay What You Want Model

We see a different kind of future at Chasing Sunrise – one where everyone is free to chase what matters to them and has the tools and space to do so. This belief is what pushed us to build out and stick with the Pay What You Want model in a sea of others who would charge hundreds of dollars for a program like Damn Early Days.

With the Pay What You Want model, all participants to are free to choose whatever dollar value they want to contribute, starting with a single dollar. If anyone is worried about the currency conversion, we encourage them to donate a lesser amount that they are comfortable with.

3. More predictability

Damn Early Days primarily runs on inputs that are charged in USD. From the technology infrastructure we deploy, to the cost of sending out text messages each morning, and the websites we host, almost all of our costs are charged in USD.

By having both our revenue and our costs in USD, we are able to have more predictability and less fluctuations in running Damn Early Days. That means we have more clarity in our business and are better able to focus on delivering the best program we can.

We hope that explains it.

If you have any questions, feel free to fire us an email here.