The Morning Check-In

To check-in:

1. Getting To The Check-In

Each morning between 4:30AM & 5:30AM you will receive a check-in text message, with a link to the check-in system. You can also access the check-in system manually at the following URL:

This works on both a desktop computer and your phone.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.07.12 PM.png

2. Log in to your Damn Early Days account using the platform you used to create your account.
This would be either Google or Facebook.


3. If your check-in is open (open 1 hour before and after your wake-up time), you will see a large "I'm Awake" button.

Click the "I'm Awake" button to check-in. Once checked-in you will be re-directed to the morning's content within 5 seconds.


4. If you are having issues getting check-in text messages each morning, please confirm your number is correct in your account page and use the "Test SMS" button to confirm.

If you are still not getting texts, please contact us at