"21 Damn Early Days is about breaking routine and getting back to what you have been wanting to do with your life – starting with a few hours each morning."
– Gordon Swenson, Chasing Sunrise

What Is 21 Damn Early Days

21 Damn Early Days helps you create the time to focus on what matters to you.

Monday to Friday – for 21 days – you (along with 1000s of others) will get up between 4:30AM and 5:30AM to focus on the things you want.

Whether that's yoga, fitness, writing a book, self-care or side projects, we'll help you create a system that gets you up, keeps you focused and motivated, and gives you the space and tools to understand and focus on what you want to do with your time.

Finally, we'll help you stay accountable – day after day – to the commitments you make for the program.


Why we are doing this

We believe that life is too short not to spend time focused on the things you care about. But in a world that's getting busier and busier, finding that time seems to be like an impossible task.

21 Damn Early Days is designed to break you out of that rut and give you time, every day, to focus on what matters.



Getting up damn early doesn't come easy, but what you get out of it is worth it. We'll help you set up for success and be with you along the way.

You can expect daily check-ins, a science-backed course that will help you build out your habits, goals and lifestyle, access to a rad community for support and learning, and one-on-one support from us along the way.

1. The Course

Science-based, practical knowledge that builds on itself throughout the 21 days. Everything from how to get out of bed at damn early, build more effective habits, accomplish more in a day, and stay consistent.



It's easy to sleep-in if no one is there to hold you accountable. We'll be there the entire way to make sure you stay consistent, as well as help you back up if you happen to stumble.



You'll be in this with hundreds of others, all committed and accountable to the same bigger goal. The community will be there to support you, share experiences, chat to, and build accountability from.


Why You Should DO It

This isn't about getting up earlier, this is about bringing you closer to what you want in life.

It's about the goals, dreams, projects, and ideas you want to do and "just haven't found the time" to get done.

21 Damn Early Days will help you get after them.



21 Damn Early Days will give you time you didn't know existed. In the early morning, the world's standing still and no one wants a thing from you. You'll use this time to focus on what matters to you.



Getting up early and getting after the most important parts of your life sets a foundation that makes other areas of your life way easier. It's scientifically proven that habits form much easier in the morning. 


A Stronger Start

Getting up early and starting your morning in a place you care about sets the foundation for the rest of your day. Imagine how you'd feel if you had accomplished everything that mattered to you by 9AM?


What's Expected of You

We will be there beside you, but know there's a few things we expect from you to make this successful:



All this free time sounds great in theory, but getting it isn't easy.

Ask yourself if you really want to commit to doing this for 21 days? If  yes, you're 90% of the way there.

If you can't dedicate 21 days to the things we said you wanted, do you really actually want them?


A Lifestyle That Fits

Having a lifestyle that allows you to get up at early is critical.

That means being able to get to sleep at a reasonable time and the determination to stick to it.

Getting up early doesn't mean sleeping less. It about opening up free time to focus on you.



No one can pull you out of bed in the morning but you.

We expect you to hold yourself to the same level of accountability that we will.

You have to be willing to show up and put in the effort.


What It Costs

Staying true to the Chasing Sunrise principles, we want to bring this to as many people as possible, which is why we've opted for a Pay What You Want model. We ask that those that can afford to help make sure we can continue delivering 21 Damn Early Days to as many people as possible.

There is a minimum required donation of $1.00, which helps make sure you're actually committed to 21 Damn Early Days.

If you don't have a credit card and want to participate, shoot us a message and we can on-board a different way.

Now let's get on with it!

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