Damn Early Days isn't the product of numerous strategy sessions, board meetings, research, or fancy spreadsheets.

It was born out of our own necessity.

Feeling stuck in the regular grind, we found ourselves at a loss for time at the end of each day. With a growing list of things we wanted to get to and never enough time and energy to get to them, we decided to flip things on their head.

For 21 days, we'd get up at 4:30AM and put ourselves first, focusing on the things that mattered to us.

At first, the idea seemed insane. 4:30AM? It was an unfathomable hour. But we asked ourselves: "if we can't dedicate 21 days to the things we said we wanted, do we really actually want them?"

Checkmate. We were in – and committed.

As we threw ourselves in, we immediately saw the power and focus it brought to each day.

When you get up at 4:30AM, you're not getting up because you're forced to, you’re getting up because you want to get after things that matter. Each morning, we were given this space to focus on what we knew mattered. It felt as though we were getting up to get after life, not waiting for life to force itself upon us. This feeling, while simple, was insanely powerful. It gave us a sense of control over how we spent our day and made us want to use our time wisely.

Day after day, it brought us this three hour window to focus on what mattered.

And while it wasn't always easy, it was worth it. By the end the 21 day, both of us had progressed further on what mattered than we had in the 6 months prior.

Damn Early Days, and the time it brought to us, ultimately lead to the creation of Chasing Sunrise and now, we want to bring it all of you.

Welcome to Damn Early Days.

- Julian & Gordon
Chasing Sunrise