So Damn Early Days had an impact?

Let's help as many people around the world have that same impact for themselves: 

If you're doing video (awesome) it's super simple – Here's how to take it and upload it:

  1. Hold your phone horizontally and record.
    1. Wherever, whatever you're doing: just pull the trigger: in bed, out of the shower, @ work, on the bus - it's all good! (just not driving)
  2. Come back here and upload the video just clicking this button and hitting "Choose Files" to upload:
  3. Press Choose Files in Dropbox and upload.
  4. You're done, and you're rad. Thank you. 

Upload by Sunday at 10PM


Step 1

Upload Page.png

Step 2


Step 3


Written One Work Better?

If you were going to tell somebody else about the program, what would you say?
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