TIME TO make may count!

May 2018


Cohort Runs may 1 To 31st

You've been here and you're back, so you know the value Damn Early Days creates for you.

Many would charge $100s for a program like this, but we believe everyone should have the opportunity to chase what matters, so we've left the suggested minimum donation at $21 – with those that can afford to pay more, doing so.

If you can't afford the $21 minimum, hit us up and we'll get you in. We want to keep this program accessible. 

Current Average Donation: $41.17

All donations in USD. Curious why? Explanation here.

Ps. Know that Damn Early Days takes 100s of hours to create, run, and develop each month and 1,000s of dollars to deploy. Your generous contribution helps make sure we can keep this going and bring it to more people.