If there are three things we know for sure, it's that:

1. There is already enough "stuff" in the world.

2. There is nothing that feels better than chasing our potential, sharing that with other people, and helping each other along the way.

3. Nothing works better at keeping us accountable than friends who are on the same mission.

Get your friends in on this for January with you. It runs from Wed, Jan 3rd to Wed, Jan 31st – damn early.

All you got to do is sign them up here and we'll do the heavy lifting. From there, you just got to get them pumped on smashing 2018 together.


QUick Guide

It's quick and easy, just make sure you get steps 2 & 4 below correct and you're set!


1. Choose how many friends you want to gift.


2. Enter your friend's name and email, and drop them a quick message.


3. Repeat that for the rest of your friends and head to checkout!


4. Swap your name into the payment section, click the accept terms, press checkout and you're done! We'll send them a message for you.


That's it!

If you want to get them signed up, click the button below.

And if you want to get yourself signed up, click here.