Are you ready to get after what matters to you?

We will be keeping registration open until the end of the first week (January 6th).
If you're interested, get in, commit hard, and we'll get you up to speed.
Better 18 Damn Early Days then 0.


Jan 3rd to Jan 31st – damn early

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to chase what matters and the tools and space to do so.

Staying true to this, we've opted for a Pay-What-You-Want model.

If we charged what others would, we know that many that need Damn Early Days couldn't afford it.

Our suggest minimum donation for those that can afford it is $21, with many that can afford to do so donating more.

Just know that Damn Early Days takes 100s of hours to create, run, and develop and 1000s of dollars to deploy and your contribution, no matter what the size, helps make sure we can keep this going and bring it to more people.

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Current Average Donation: $41.36

FYI We've made the choice to swap over to USD as this thing keeps growing. For a detailed explanation on why, click here.