21 Damn Early Days

Life's too short not chase the things we know we want. The goals, the dreams, and the projects we want to get to, but can't find the time.

21 Damn Early Days is about breaking that routine, getting out of your comfort zone, and getting back to what we want in life – starting with a few hours each morning.

For 21 days, Monday to Friday from June 5th to July 1st, you, along with all of us, will commit to getting up Damn Early to focus on what on what matters to you.

Sign-up and Make June COunt

Summer is here, the days are longer, the weather is better which can make it even more of a challenge. But we've all still got things we want to get after (fitness, side-hustle, creative work) and letting the summer slide doesn't have to be the only option.

We've got a couple solutions for you.

We know everyone wants to max out the sunshine while it lasts. Hell, so do we. So we've got it set up so that you can select your wake-up time - if 4:30AM is just not going to work for you this round, pick something that will. But make it a challenge, because the sun is also up that much earlier as well, and you could be out there getting after it while the rest of the city is sleeping.

Another thing that makes this easier, is when your friends are in on it too. Not only do you have some solid accountability, but you also have less people trying to convince you to stay out later than you need to. Start thinking of who you can bring along, and hit them up.

We are continuing to build out new features and make this platform into something more and more powerful.

If you want to get in on it, and are down to let us know what you think so that we can build even better features into the program, sign-up below and let's #MakeItCount.