This isn’t just going to bed and getting up early, it’s about designing your life and creating an environment that enables you to succeed. We've put a list of things you should think about and know before signing-up for 21 Damn Early Days.

1. It isn't designed to be easy

Like all good things in life, this will be a challenge. Throughout it, keep in mind why you’re doing it, rely on the support and accountability, and be willing to experiment with different things. Go into it giving it everything you got, and if you stumble, be willing to get back on track. We’ve been there, we know how it is, and we know you can get through this. We also know it's worth it.

2. Treat it as an experiment.

If you’ve never done this before, think of it as an experiment that lasts a month. The purpose of it isn’t just to get up at 4:30AM, it’s to see what life is like when you prioritize things that matter to you. At the end of it, if you absolutely hate it, that’s all good. At least you can say you have done it and know it’s not for you - unlike the person who says they could never be vegetarian, but hasn’t tried going a day without meat.

3. Understand why you are doing this.

Understanding why you are doing 21 Damn Early Days and what you want out of it is important to your success with it. Before you commit, get a sense for why you want to commit. You don't need to know the specifics of what you'll do at 4:30AM yet, but you should know why you want to get up at that hour to do it. Keep this reminder handy throughout.

4. Make Sure your Life Structure Fits

Understanding what your life structure is like will help set you up properly. You need to have a lifestyle and structure that will enable you to get up at 4:30AM consistently for the month. If you don't, sticking to it will be tough. For example, if you work till 10PM or 11PM some or most nights, it is unrealistic and unhealthy to try and get up at 4:30AM. If you have any questions about that, shoot us a message here and we can chat.

5. Living + Partner + Social Situation 

The people closest to you will have an impact and be affected by your choice to get up at 4:30AM. Understanding how they will be impacted and how they will affect you is important.

The best way we've found to get your partner/friends support is to get them in.