Week 2: Let's Reflect

As we end the second week of the program, we want to take a moment and acknowledge what we all have collectively done. Over the past two weeks, hundreds of you have committed to winning at your own game and dove into a space that most are unwilling to create for themselves.


Let's be honest, this space isn't easy.

It requires commitment, it requires work, and it requires a willingness to call ourselves out when we are straying. It requires us to – time and time again – block out numerous distractions, so that we can put what matters most first.

For the past two weeks, you've put what matters to you before the world had a chance to take that space away.

That's powerful and we want to thank you for your willingness to embrace that side of life.


Before We Look Ahead

It’s worth taking time to sit back and reflect on what's happened. To understand where you were at when you started, where you're at now, and most importantly, where you want to go.

Most of us have a fear of slowing down – unwilling to stop long enough to let what we’re doing catch-up to us. Maybe this is because we don’t want to confront how we spend our time or maybe it’s because we feel like we’ll lose our momentum, but if there’s anything we know, it's that slowing down to reflect only helps us move further, faster, and more purposely.

With that, we have a single request from you this weekend: take some time to reflect on what these last two weeks have been for you.

It will not only make a big difference in the rest of your experience but if you learn to incorporate reflection into your life more often, it will have a huge impact on where you end up later on.

To get you started, we have a quick work through below.


A Reflection Worth Thinking About

Keep in mind that these questions are a guideline to get you started.
Your own reflection is an exercise in asking the questions you care about.

About Damn Early Days:

  • What have I learned about myself so far?
  • What have I noticed about the world around me?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much has my heart been into the program? Why? Can I increase this?
  • What have I gained each day by waking up early?
  • What has been my biggest struggles so far?
  • What positive stories have I been telling myself?
  • What self-defeating stories have I been telling myself?
  • Do I feel I am getting closer to what I want by creating this space consistently? What else could I need?
  • What differences have I noticed in my life, routine, and mood before and during Damn Early Days?
  • What emotions have I gone through and what caused them?
  • Were there mornings that were particularly tough? What contributed to them being that way?
  • Were there mornings that were particularly enjoyable? What made them more enjoyable?
  • What learnings can I take out of Damn Early Days?


Looking Forward:

  • Put yourself in your own shoes at the end of Damn Early Days and ask yourself "What do I want out of this? What defines “success” for me? Is it just an experiment? Is it leaving everything I got on the table? Is it getting somewhere in particular?"
  • How do you want to feel when you reach Day 21?
  • What do I need to do next week to move myself closer to what I deem as success?
  • What can I carry into next week that I learned about myself these past two weeks? What can I drop?
  • What’s the top priority in my life right now? How can I use Damn Early Days to focus on it?

And because it's the weekend...

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