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21 Damn Early Days isn't about waking up at 4:30AM, it's about creating space to get closer to what you want in life.

To get you started, we've got a good outline below.

Take the time to read through, as it will help you get on the right track and ensure that the time you put in is worth it.



How 21 Damn Early Days Works

1. Your accountability

Each morning we'll send a text that'll link you to your check-in. By checking in, we'll be able to hold you accountable to getting up and getting after and you'll be able to see how you're doing.

Consistency will be the key to your long-term success.

After checking in, we recommend shutting your phone off. Distractions are the devil and let's be honest, no one needs anything from you at 4:30AM.

Dive right into the morning routine.

2. Your INTENTIONS, GOALS, AND Morning RitualS

The point of 21 Damn Early Days is to create space that you can fill with things that matter to you.

Post check-in each morning, you'll use the time you've opened up to focus on the things you care about and want to get done.

We'll have an entire post about creating the right morning rituals coming up shortly, but in the meantime, start thinking about what your perfect morning would be and how you want to use your 21 mornings.

3. Your Course & Material

Throughout the program, we'll be rolling out the 21 Damn Early Days course, which is designed to help you understand what you want, why you want it, and most importantly, get you closer to having it.

Some of it will focus on getting after life, some will focus on helping you make the most of 21 Damn Early Days, and some will be specific to your goals within Damn Early Days.

4. Your Facebook Group

This is about more than an individual pursuit. This is about experiencing it with hundreds of others.

We've created a Facebook Group, so that you can share your experiences and get to know other in the program who will be going through the same thing together.

Use it to share your insights, struggles, ideas, hacks, and things you've learned. We'll also use it to connect people we know that have like-minded ambitions or goals.


The end.