If you're ever unsure if you missed something, we'll have a list of all the content we sent out below, along with all the forms, access to the Facebook Group and check-in, and anything else you might need.

Check-In Content

Getting Set up

If you're looking for any of the links to the Facebook Group, Intake Form, or check-in system, they are below!

The Check-In

Each morning we'll send you a text message you can use to check-in.

To sign-up and get the check-in message each morning, click the "Check-In Sign Up" button below.

You want to get to the check-in page without the text message, say if you don't have your phone but still want to check-in, you can always access it through the "Check-In Page" button. Note that you can only check in between 4:20AM and just after 4:30AM in your selected timezone.