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Chasing Sunrise is about as many humans as possible getting more out of life.

A lot of our events are about feeling alive and enjoying peak moments you'll never forget with other incredible people. 

Damn Early Days is about doing the work.

It's about setting up the systems for us to take one step forward, day after day, to become that person we know is inside of us.
And it's about having a community who's got our back along the way.
It's about chasing our potential, and helping others do the same.


A huge part of unlocking our own potential is creating internal space to continually make the choices we know we want to make.

That's why meditation can be so huge.
And why around ~80% of high performers swear by it.

It gives you that time. Creates that space. 
It's that one thing, that makes everything better.

However you do it: Sitting, walking, mindfulness, TM, Zen, prayer, headspace.. whatever. 
Let's Just Do It.
And work together make this work for us.


Details and key links below, so make sure you scan through everything 👌



To know where we want to go, let's see where we're at. Here's how we ranked ourselves:

How Consistent Are You?
Do You Really Want To Meditate?


Let's close THAT gap.

With two weeks left in January, from the 17th to 31st, let's see if we can move the needle.

Let's try Three things to make this happen together.

If you have any ideas, or want to help, share anytime. Post-up in the FB group (link at bottom) or email me anytime at gordon@chasingsunri.se

1. A doable group goal:

(3) minutes a day. Every day. From everybody. From now until the 31st.
Chase down your personal goals as well. Input your stats and we'll let you know how you're doing.   

2. Squad support

Let' build this together, and keep leveling-up. Create meet-ups or events and invite people out (if you need help hit us up!), share what works and what doesn't with others, ask questions and lean on the community. Meditating is hard enough as it is - it's even harder in a silo. 
Get into the new meditation Facebook Group.   

3. pods: (A.K.A. Accountabili-CREWS.)

A group of 5-10 people in What's App groups to hold each-other accountable.
(if you don't have it yet, download it here). 
Will be rolled-out this week. Also open to ideas if there's something you like better!

Why This Goal 📈

You're already wired to push yourself. You wouldn't be here otherwise. Straight up.

Consistent growth over time requires just doing the thing. Every day. (Daily Dose post on Tiny Gains here)

Let's find a way to make it enjoyable, and create a foundation-layer that lasts, so we can grow that 1% day after day.   

The "Crushing It" mindset it everywhere these days. And in reality, Crushing It can literally only come from doing what we know we want to do, day-in day-out.  

In DED style, we're going after the Minimum Enjoyable Action - what is the absolute minimum amount we can do, that we will enjoy, knowing that once we start, the potential upside is always so much more. Try writing for 2 awful sentences, and you'll have a hard time not writing 500+ words.

If you have a larger personal goal, totally chase that as well, but if you're having a tough day, instead of skipping it, just get 3 minutes in, and record it.


If you're new to the game or want to explore some different options, check some of these out.

But if you want to keep using a clock and your breath, by all means.
Do what you enjoy.
Do what works for you.


Moment Meditation - 15 day course

The people over at Moment Meditation, Hiro and Anita, are awesome. They have taken meditation and trimmed it down to the essentials

They built out a 30 day course complete with a lot of essentials, and daily information. They've also given us a discount code to drop 50% off so that you can jump on for the final two weeks if you want!
Discount Code: DED50

Transcendental Meditation (TM) - 40% off

TM is super easy, and well-researched. Tim Ferriss is a practitioner and lists it as one of his top 5 meditation techniques in his book Tools of the Titans. You can see what he says here.  

Chelsea (pictured) is an awesome person and a TM teacher. She's put together a deal for DED at almost 50% off and you can get a refund if you don't love it.  It's basically a lifetime membership where you get a teacher, unlimited check-ins, plus community. It's how I learned to meditate and can attest 👌. 

If you're into it she's offering a free session Tues. Jan 23rd 630-730am for us TM Vancouver: 328 W 8th Ave (tea & cookies provided) hit her up here.

Chelsea TM Photo.jpg


Insight Timer - Free 

This app is cooler than it sounds. It's tracks your meditations, has a bunch of real teachers and guided meditations, and you can create your own group.  

We created our own group: Dam Early Days. Search it if you already have the app, but I'll also send everyone an invite to this group.  


Headspace - Free or 40% off

This was the most popular App listed on the intake form. 

There is currently a 40% off discount code, so jump in and get on it if you want to try it out or if you want to try their premium option. 

Really easy way to get started or to get a new rhythm and lead yourself through.


MUSE - 15% off

Muse is pretty rad. It measures your EEG brainwaves, crunches all the numbers and spits them out into a cool app that tells you how you are doing on a scale calmness. 

It also gives you neuro-feedback at the same time if you want: music or sounds to reinforce good brain activity, and to let you know in the second if you're off track. Which is usually $100+/session with a Dr. or a pro. 

The app also tracks everything nicely and gamifies it all. The discount gets applied at the final step if you want to get one.     

20160701 - Kiefer Irvine-11.jpg


This has it's own quick section for two reasons:

1. 63% of us admitted the main reason we don't do it regularly is because we don't have a ritual.  

2. A combined 78% of us also said that life always seems to get in the way. 

A key part of making this sustainable is going to be finding a regular way of enjoying and triggering this habit.

It starts with knowing your why for doing it, but then also adding things you want into the habit - turning the habit itself into something (or several things) you look forward to, and something that is more than just a task. 

For example, you not only block off a little time to do it regularly in the morning, but you add things you enjoy into the process.

Like making yourself some tea or coffee, lighting some incense, keeping the space clean, or playing some music. Whatever gets you going - wrap that into a ritual, and it will start pulling back to it.  

For a refresher, check the daily-dose post on creating Habits here.

20160701 - Ivan Calderon-4.jpg

Lean on the community

Get into the facebook group, and bookmark the link for check-ins.


THe Check-IN ✅:

This one is easy - if you can't find the link, it's just damnearlydays.com/meditation.

Go there to log your sessions each time, or once at the end of the day. 

We'll track the stats and give everyone updates.

Get In The FB Group 👥:

Because meditation is it's own beast, we created a facebook group just for this.

Share ideas on how to make this better, experiences, resources, ask for help and create meet-ups.

Get in and let's get after it!

Grab What's App 💬:

If you don't have it already, grab it here and we'll get some small groups going.

Peer accountability is one of the most effective things, and 75% of us said we wanted more of it.

We'll roll it out in the next few days.  


That's it! 
Let's do this. 

Any questions or ideas, fire away: gordon@chasingsunri.se

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