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As we near the end of this round of Damn Early Days, a lot of you might be asking "what now?"

Join us on Tuesday AM – damn early – at Birds and the Beets for a real talks conversation about the pursuit of living and how Damn Early Days fits into it something much larger than 21 days.

There will be no BS and no fluff. Just some damn good coffee, real conversation about what it means to live, and a chance to connect and get to know some pretty rad humans.

If you're in, RSVP below by Monday at 6PM PST.



The rad people at The Birds & The Beets have once again offered to open up early just for us. Great coffee and a cool space.

Arrive at 5:30AM, grab coffee, hang out, meet some new faces and we will kick off the morning with some real talk.

What: 22nd Day Real Talks
Where: The Birds & The Beets - 55 Powell St, Vancouver
When: : Tuesday, October 31st. Meet at the coffee shop for 5:30AM, kicking off at 6:00AM sharp (don't be late), and stay as long as you want (to work or hang). It opens to the public at 7:00AM, and a group of us will hit Ground Control at 7:30AM close by!


In partnership with:


If you've ever been, you know.
They have great coffee, bread, food and a badass space.


They've been kind and have opened their doors early just for us, so tag them and show them some love!
@birdsandbeets on IG.


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