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More than just getting up early and chasing our goals, Damn Early Days is about finding ways to create space each day for the things that matter to us. It's about being able to look back on our lives with zero regrets – knowing we put the important stuff first.

On Friday morning, we're stoked to be meeting up at Milano Coffee Roasters on 8th to bring the Damn Early Days crew together for some Real Talks about the reasons we are here, why it matters, and the triumph – and struggles – that we all have going through this.

More than just talking though, this morning will be about connecting with others who are going through the fire along side you. Because if there is anything we've learned, it's that who you surround yourself with ultimately determines where you end up.

If you're in, RSVP below by Thursday at 8PM PST.

See you there.



Arrive at 5:30AM. Grab some coffees. Meet some others crazy enough to go through this with you and we will kick off the RealTalks at 6AM sharp.

What: RealTalks
Where: Milano Coffee Roasters | 156 W 8th Ave, Vancouver BC
When: : Friday, November 10th, 2017. Meet at the coffee shop for 5:30AM, kicking off at 6:00AM sharp (don't be late), and stay as long as you want (to work or hang). Opens to the public at 7:00AM.


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They are stoked on what we do and have been kind enough to open their doors early – just for us.
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