Suggested donation: $21.00

The initial run of 21 DED was, by and large, a huge success for a lot of people including us. It reaffirmed that if we can make substantial change in our mornings, after adding those mornings up, it creates a substantial shift in our lives.

That's something we're willing to go all-in on: we're investing everything we've got to improve it, to make it more effective, and to bring it to anyone who could benefit from it. 

All donations will go directly into building a powerful and scalable system, which will include us building and adding new features for you to try based on your feedback. Let's build something that changes the world together, one person, one damn early morning at a time.

Staying true to the Chasing Sunrise principles, we want to bring this to as many people as possible, which is why we've opted for a Donate What You Want model.

Some people can afford it, some people can't, but everyone should have the opportunity. We ask that those that can afford to donate, do so, so that we can keep delivering it to as many people as possible.