Sept 30: If You're Reading This...


So if you're reading this on Night 21, that says a lot.

Take a moment and think about the last month – everything you've gone through, learned about yourself, struggled with, and accomplished. Even the small wins.

Think about all the things you've undertaken and come through on.

Think about the fact that through all the struggle, you are still here on Night 21, showing up.

That simple fact says more about you than any of your accomplishments over the past 21 days.


For the last month you committed to something that most are unwilling to and because of that, have been able to put the things that matter most front and center.

To be honest, DFN ended up being one of the most challenging programs for alot of us—it proved to be almost impossible sometimes to make time in the evenings, even with joining the program. Evenings are just such busy, or exhausting, times of day.

But you showed up. Maybe not every night, but you came back for yourself, when so many others didn’t or couldn’t. And you are here now.

Take a moment and think about how that feels.

Sure, some days might have been harder than others, and hell, some days might have not even happened at all, but what matters is it's Night 21 and you're still here.

That deserves a damn big round of applause.

See, while the rest of the world is caught up in the notion that success is determined solely by how smart someone is, the fact is that we know that's not the case.

It's not raw talent, good looks, social intelligence, physical health or smarts that determines someone's success.

Nope. The single trait most highly correlated with success is grit.

And if you're here tonight, reading this, then it's safe to say that you have it in spades.


Grit is the perseverance you have for your long-term goals.

It is your stamina. Your willingness to keep fighting.

It's sticking with your future that you one day will have, day in and day out – not just for a few days or a week, but for as long as it takes to get there.

It's the willingness to work as hard as you need to in order to make your future a reality.

It's living life like it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

And that's exactly what you've shown you've got.

If you're here tonight, reading this, then you have the most valuable asset you need to achieve what you want.

Think about that. That's powerful.


Knowing that we only have one single request from you tonight:

Take some time to focus on how this last month has impacted you and to celebrate the fact that you're still here, persevering and getting after it.

You'll gain more from properly decompressing this tonight, than you will from any amount of work you do. So make a hot cup, sit, and reflect a bit tonight. 

We want you to really dive in and understand how your month was. Dive into the emotions you felt, the progress you made, the places you stumbled, what you hoped for, didn't expect, and how you feel now.

How does it feel to still be here?

Explore the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between, because while this is the end of this round of Damn Focused Nights, it's far from the end of it all. And you know what?


This life you are building? Matters.

This day, this evening, matter. 

So stop playing it small.

Stop staying in your comfort zones.

Stop telling yourself this hour, this habit, this evening doesn't really matter.


Then head into this next week making every day count. The time you have matters. 


It's scary, it's uncertain, but it's damn worth it.



The programs we make — Damn Early Days, Damn Focused Nights, and new ones in the works— aren't just about 21 days.

It's about your life.

It's about being able to consistently focus on the things that matter. So naturally, as we came to the end of 21, a huge part of us didn't want it to end.

But thankfully, there's no awkward break up here.

For October, we are running 21 Damn Early Days and Damn Early Life (for anyone who already took the 21 DED program). Choose a wake up time that is doabel but still a challenge for you (we don’t advocate for sleep deprivation here), and carve out quiet time each day when no one needs you. That time becomes yours to really focus on what you want. It can be a pretty powerful time of day, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

In the coming months we’ll likely offer DFN again, along with other programs and tools we are cooking up in the Chasing Sunrise kitchen. We’ll keep you posted when those new programs are live.

If you are keen to join us for DED and DEL, find all the sign up details here. Know that on our end, we're committed to keeping this energy and momentum alive and growing it with you.

Now, it's just up to you.

So, what do you want? Think about it, then plan your next step and make it happen. 

You got this. 

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