Sept 26: Are You Focused On The Urgent Or The Important?

This is where most of us struggle...

Day after day, we put the "urgent" in front of the "important".

I get it. Logically, it makes sense.

Focus on the stuff that needs to get done immediately and then we'll have all the space to focus on what actually matters.

But in reality, let's get honest, how's that working out for any of us?

Maybe that’s why so many of us joined this program this month—hoping we can carve out some time we couldn’t before.

The problem lies in the fact that the urgent never stops. There is a firehose of endlessly urgent things we can convince ourselves we need to get done.

If there wasn't, none of us would be here right now.

From weekly grocery shopping to appointments, laundry, the next day's meals, deadlines for school and work, social obligations, etc. – each of these, while necessary in their own right, bleed away our time little by little until we're left at the end of the day with no space or energy to focus on what really matters – the important.

That simple fact is why we started Damn Early Days. And this month, why we made Damn Focused Nights.

We wanted to know what our life would look like if – just for 21 days – we made a commitment to ourselves to protect a pocket of time when only what really mattered first.

For us, the change was profound. Each morning we gave ourselves enough space to tackle those things on a gut-level, we knew matters to us.

The writing inside us that we wanted to get out.

The youthful, energetic, and vibrant person that was trapped inside the body of someone that couldn't find time to get to the gym.

The kind of person that would be able to be 100% present with others and had a self-care regiment that Gwyneth Paltrow and the whole Goop crew would be in awe of.

And by putting all that stuff first, we got it.

The craziest part – by focusing on what mattered to us first,a little evey day, we were able to carry more intention, focus, and ultimately impact into the rest of our day, leaving us more time than we had before – who would have thought?

So with that, I got a question...


What do you  need to make time for every day?

The short answer to this, in my opinion, should be "the important stuff". The stuff you want to look back on your life and have done.

If you're thinking "I know, I know, but what about the urge..." then here is your permission.

For the last few nights of DFN, and beyond, you are allowed to drop everything else in your life you think you need to do and focus only the stuff that truly, deeply matters for a little while.

See, we believe (and science backs) that when you focus on the important stuff first, you take a lot of anxiety and worry about your life out of it.

You get to a place where you know you have taken care of the stuff that matters and can be a lot more present with the urgent (but generally trivial) stuff that takes up a lot of our lives.

As you go through the rest of Damn Focused Nights and beyond, we want you to use this simple question as your barometer:

Is what I'm focusing on urgent or important?

If you answer "urgent" too many days in a row and feel the important stuff slipping by, it's time for a reset. Maybe you know what you need, or maybe one of our programs can help you.

And if you're stuck deciding whether it's important or not, start with this question: "when I'm 80 years old, looking back on my life, what things am I going to wish I had focused on?"

That's the important stuff.

Now, go and focus on your biggest priority in your life tonight, not just with what's urgent.

As always, we got some jams for you.

Jan2018Julian DeSchutter