Sept 23: Pause, Reset

One more Sunday night of this month, and so tonight, a simple prompt for you.

explore: What took me so long?

Pause and list all of the things you have been spending your Damn Focused Night time on this month.

Maybe the month has gone according to what you planned at the beginning of the month, or maybe you decided to focus on entirely different things along the way. Doesn’t matter—just write them down and take a look at each answer.

For each item, answer—what was truly, honestly, holding me back from these things before DFN?

Did I know I wanted them, or really only discovered I wanted to focus on them recently?

What life factors were getting in the way?

What stories or excuses was I believing over and over?

What about DFN helped me reset and finally focus?

Tonight, get clear on these patterns looking back, and get clear on how you want this week to go.

How do you want to feel come Thursday night?

Bonus—then plan a way to reward yourself when you get to the weekend.

Come over to the Facebook group and let us know what you have planned. A way to wrap up this month in a way that feel goods to you. You’ve earned it.

As always, here's your evening jam below....

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor