Sept 20: Beyond Comfort

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— Neale Donald Walsch

When we began planning what the Damn Focused Nights program could be this month, it was with the hope that we could carve out time and protect it, in order to get after goals, big and small, that we each care about.

And while routines, working on a project, and taking steps towards our goals is part of creating the lives we want within our busy lives, so too is it important to feel the life moments that happen outside the routine, outside our every day norm.

Routines are vitally important for helping us to reach goals, grow, and make long-term shifts in our lives, but we realized we also need to prioritize moments of growth outside the daily grind and the daily/weekly routines. Routines are important, but left unchecked we can become stagnant after not too long.

Today's Challenge: Get outside the comfort zone. tonight. this weekend.

Take a minute (or 5) and think back--

Where have I been staying in my comfort zone lately because it's easy, not because it's actually taking care of me? Where can I try new things more often?

Are you eating the same meals or getting take-out most nights because it really takes care of you, or because it's really easy when you feel you have no time or feel stressed?

Maybe binging on Netflix most evenings instead of taking that time to do something that you actually care about?

Are there habits you do even though you wish you didn't?

Do you do the same things with the same people when you see friends?

When's the last time you explored a new spot where you live, made a new friend, or tried a new activity?


If answers easily come to mind, cool. If not....also cool, but may be something to think about more.


Making time to get outside our comfort zone now is essential on so many levels--

For many of us, our overall satisfaction with life goes up when we make time to explore/discover/try outside our regular routines.

Trying a new activity with friends or on your own can be daunting at first, but often deeply rewarding when we get that little feeling of "huh, that felt really good, I can do this after all".

Making challenge/growth/exploring/discovery a priority now and then breathes new life into our everyday life, and helps us grow in self-reliance, self-confidence, and helps us to reconnect with ourselves in a new situation.

Carving out time to play, discover and explore corners of life we haven't before matters, along with the routines and comforts in our lives. 

Tonight try 1 new thing. Easy, right?

No matter what you choose, make time for exploration/discovery as a goal for tonight and over the weekend. Along with your other DFN priorities, see how those new experiences feel outside your comfort zone and routines. Live a little more, beyond your usual edge.

Here's your evening jam this AM...

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor