Sept 17: Feeling the FOMO

Halfway through these Damn Focused Nights now, and we’re wondering—-

have you felt the pang of the Fear of Missing Out?

So many things can pull us out after work, or in the evenings, not to mention social media showing us what everyone else is up to, and the feeling that others are having a ton of fun but you had to say no, or didn’t hear it was happening…. has all that impacted you this month, or you’ve sailed through that sea pretty much unscathed?

(If you never feel FOMO, please, jump over to the Facebook Group right now and tell us your secret. Seriously)

For the rest of us, read on. We pulled together a few idea to try that can help us navigate FOMO,

Your Challenge tonight: what does FOMO have to teach me?

We all know social media is a world of the best bits of life, it’s never the full picture of our lives, but still— it strongly shapes how we view the lives of others. Visual images are powerful even if we ‘know’ better.

Take 5 tonight and think about the last time you felt FOMO—due to social media, or real life adventures or plans your friends had while you missed out.

Got an example in mind? Good.

Now ask:

Is this feeling telling me something that I need to change?

Is FOMO pointing to something I need more of that I’ve been missing lately?

Is their fun something I REALLY wish I was doing, or did I actually want something else under the surface?

  • Is it about needing more social connection in my life?

  • Am I dissatisfied with parts of my life?

  • Is this feeling actually about fear of not living my life to the fullest?

Listen, name what you really feel, but then look at what you can do right now to fully engage with where you are today. What can you do right now that you want even more than the FOMO.

Shift from FOMO to LOMO - the Love of Missing Out :)

(thanks to community member Alicia Taggio for teaching us about her LOMO!)

Don’t let FOMO derail you. Instead, let it work for you.

Look below the surface of the feelings, find out what’s really going on inside for you, and make choices about what you do with that truth.

Then make one choice, today, to create more of what you really want.

Chances are, you have the power to turn things around in a small way, today.

Now go, make the most of your Damn Focused Night and make it exactly what you need it to be tonight. You are missing out on nothing, but gaining what matters most by putting your own real priorities first. Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, while you dive in… 

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