Sept 16: Nothing Time

How was your day? Your week?

… did the answer ‘busy’ come to mind?

If yes, then you are in good company with the rest of us.

So many of us feel we need to keep doing more, every minute of the day and evening, and our week goes by in a blur leaving us wonder ‘where did it go?’ some days.

Reminding ourselves to pause, slow down, do less but do what matters as been a thread we’ve explored in the Daily Dose so far this month.

Slowing down and doing less sounds easy to do, but so many of us find it a real obstacle. Intentionally, together, carving out time in the sea of busy is so hard for alot of us, us included. But we know it matters, and that fuels us to keep building Damn Early Days and this program, Damn Focused Nights.

For tonight, we have a short 6 minute read from American writer, developer and story teller Aytekin Tank— the founder and CEO of JotForm. He has some interesting points to help shift us to seeing the power and potential of space, of doing nothing, of giving our mind a rest more often.

Give yourself some ‘nothing’ time tonight, before or after your other DFN plans.

Maybe with a hot cup looking out the window, taking a bath, or anything that lets your mind wander. Sink into that space, resisting the urge to fill it. See how it feels, what you discover in that space.

Then we’ll see ya back here tomorrow evening.

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya below.


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