Sept 12: Pause For a Moment

Why is it so hard to carve out time for ourselves and block out the world?

Some of us have been checking in and getting the time we want with DFN, and for some of us it’s been alot harder to do than expected.

No judgement or shame—however it’s been for you, it’s ok. That’s what’s real.

No matter how it has been for you, pause for a minute right now and ask yourself — WHY?

Why has it felt this way for me?

Do you feel the need to keep hustling, pushing, doing, going going going? Where did you learn it, or unlearn it?

Does silence and space feel good or odd and strange, maybe uncomfortable?

Wherever you are at, explore it a bit right now.

Spend a few minutes tonight thinking about that—what stories about your use of your time did you believe before DFN, and what do you think now that you are making the time? Whether you have been able to make the time for DFN every day or not, explore a bit the barriers that have been in your way.

Now that you are here, in this time, how does it feel?

What do you want more of as we keep going this month?

While you think, hit play on your evening jam. Can't get enough of the vibes of this one. 

Jessa Alston-O'ConnorComment