Sept 10: Flow

No focus, No flow.
— Christine Carter

Maybe you have felt it, that mental state, our “sweet spot,” when we are challenged and our skills are being put to full use and the world flows. When we are so focused on a project, a task that we enjoy that hours seem to fly by in no time. 

Have you felt it this past week with your Damn Focused Nights?

We know that evenings can be hard times to shut out the world--there's supper, sometimes we have evening plans, getting ready for the next day, it's hard to find a bloc of time for us. This is why we created DFN. 

Maybe your DFN time is about being out with others, being active, or an experience that gets you out of the house. But if you are at home, wanting to dive deep tonight and make the most of your time, here are a few tips to shift you mindset and set you up for your best chances to slip into your Flow.

When is the last time you lost time, working on a project you liked? 

  • Make a list of what it was, where, when. The details. That's your formula. 

How is your environment right now?

  • This makes a huge difference in our ability to focus. Take 5 and tidy your work space, then com back. Or do you create and work best in a coffee shop, around others?

How is the sound in this space?

  • Do you get lost with music, or ambient sounds of your home or a coffee shop. Think about it. For some of us, some kinds of music help us zone out, for others, music is great for some tasks but is a subtle distraction, preventing us from ever fully

How is my mental space?

  • Take 5 to clear your mental clutter from the dy -- 5 minutes to brain dump, make a to do list, whatever you need so you can hit pause on your planning mind, and so you feel no balls have been dropped. Leave it all on the paper.

Make a plan for tonight

  • Knowing what you want to do next--especially in a big project or goal--helps your flow from one state with ease. Riding the wave from one step to the next.

What distracts you?

  • Name them, own them, and find simple solutions to shut them down. Turn it off. Take a minute to anticipate your needs and take care of them now

Prime your body

  • Grab a snack, and water. Concentration and focus actually take alot of mental and physical effort, and blood sugar and water have been proven to help with mental clarity and boosting concentration.

Take a breath

  • Close your eyes and deep breathe for 1 minute -- settle your mind in order to it know it's time to let go of the day, focus nervous system and maximize blood flow in our brain

What tips or routine help you focus and get into your flow? Drop a message over on the Facebook Group, we want to keep learning from the community, and the many ways to flow. 

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, then turn this phone off. 

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