Sept 9 : Switching Off

It's Sunday night, a new weeks starts tomorrow, and here's your chance to set the tone for the week and start it with a few hours tonight entirely focused on you and what matters to you.

How have DFN felt for you so far-- has it been easy to switch gears from day to evening, from your other life obligations and distractions and focus on this time for you?

In your busy life--online and off--do you find it difficult to switch off the day, to truly turn things off and focus?

Tonight, take 5 and explore this question :

how do i mentally shut off the day and set myself up for the night I want?

Is it easy for you, or do you find yourself ruminating on things from work, from the day?

Are some days of the week easier to shut off than others -- weekdays vs weekends maybe?

What routines or habits help you unwind when you get home, or when you transition to your evening (whether it's out or at home)?

Consider making a routine or ritual if you don't have one yet.

  • For some its a cup of a favorite tea or coffee when you get home (or on the go, if your evening isn't at home)
  • changing clothes,
  • making a snack and sitting outside for a few minutes on the balcony or yard.
  • Cooking dinner, focusing on the details as you cook and taste
  • Meditation can be an effective way to hit 'stop' on the day, reset your focus, and give you a boost of energy for the evening ahead. 

It might seem tempting to unplug by binging on Netflix, but try to think of other simple activities that help you stay focused and present in the now, rather than escape as a way to switch off.


Your 2nd Challenge tonight-- turn off your cell phone and, if possible, put it in another room.

Intentionally make this DFN time a time when no one can reach you, and you can block out the world for awhile. Physically switch off, in order to mentally switch off and take control of your attention again. 

If your DFN time is in fact spending time with others tonight (maybe connection is one of the things that you are focusing on more of this month), by turning off your phone you can be more focused and present with the people and moments before you.  

Make tonight a good one, setting the tone for DFN for the rest of the week. 

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, then turn this phone off. 

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