Sept 5: Forget What You Know

What are you focusing on this month?

Do you have a clear plan?

Or no clue....

One thing we know from working with so many in this community is how we often feel we need to 'do more' and 'be proactive'.

Even when taking space just for ourselves.   

Maybe you have a clear project or plan and you are stoked to get into it as soon as you are done reading this Dose.

Or maybe you have been dabbling these past few days but haven't quite found what you want to do with this evening space.

Either way, we want you to try something tonight: 

forget everything 

One powerful strategy we use a lot are we scheme and create programs and events in Chasing Sunrise is starting from knowing nothing. We forget the To Do list, the old goals, and we get fresh clarity on what really matters, the essence of what we want. Then we build from there.

That's right. forget everything for a few minutes. The clear goals you already have for DFN?  Forget them. Or, the uncertainty and pressure to 'have goals for DFN'? Buh-bye. 

Forget everything.

Start from scratch and ask yourself:

What Else?

What are the things I love in life?

What makes me feel alive?

Don't hold back, there are no stupid answers. Just write, get that list down in the box below. We'll send it back to you--but if we don't get anything from ya, you'll hear from us. We'll nudge you. We want to help you get where you want to go.

Start with something ridiculous. Just keep the flow going. You'll probably see some trends as you go. We'll send it to ya soon!

And, a little reward: here's our evolving Damn Early Nights playlist to keep you going tonight with some nighttime jams....

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