Sept 20: Beyond Comfort

Sept 20: Beyond Comfort

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— Neale Donald Walsch

When we began planning what the Damn Focused Nights program could be this month, it was with the hope that we could carve out time and protect it, in order to get after goals, big and small, that we each care about.

And while routines, working on a project, and taking steps towards our goals is part of creating the lives we want within our busy lives, so too is it important to feel the life moments that happen outside the routine, outside our every day norm.

Routines are vitally important for helping us to reach goals, grow, and make long-term shifts in our lives, but we realized we also need to prioritize moments of growth outside the daily grind and the daily/weekly routines. Routines are important, but left unchecked we can become stagnant after not too long.

Today's Challenge: Get outside the comfort zone. tonight. this weekend.

Take a minute (or 5) and think back--

Where have I been staying in my comfort zone lately because it's easy, not because it's actually taking care of me? Where can I try new things more often?

Are you eating the same meals or getting take-out most nights because it really takes care of you, or because it's really easy when you feel you have no time or feel stressed?

Maybe binging on Netflix most evenings instead of taking that time to do something that you actually care about?

Are there habits you do even though you wish you didn't?

Do you do the same things with the same people when you see friends?

When's the last time you explored a new spot where you live, made a new friend, or tried a new activity?


If answers easily come to mind, cool. If not....also cool, but may be something to think about more.


Making time to get outside our comfort zone now is essential on so many levels--

For many of us, our overall satisfaction with life goes up when we make time to explore/discover/try outside our regular routines.

Trying a new activity with friends or on your own can be daunting at first, but often deeply rewarding when we get that little feeling of "huh, that felt really good, I can do this after all".

Making challenge/growth/exploring/discovery a priority now and then breathes new life into our everyday life, and helps us grow in self-reliance, self-confidence, and helps us to reconnect with ourselves in a new situation.

Carving out time to play, discover and explore corners of life we haven't before matters, along with the routines and comforts in our lives. 

Tonight try 1 new thing. Easy, right?

No matter what you choose, make time for exploration/discovery as a goal for tonight and over the weekend. Along with your other DFN priorities, see how those new experiences feel outside your comfort zone and routines. Live a little more, beyond your usual edge.

Here's your evening jam this AM...

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Sept 19: F*ck Yes or No

Sept 19: F*ck Yes or No

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes

While tonight's article is technically filed as dating advice, the premise of it extends far beyond that.

In fact, in a world where we're exposed to more opportunity and choices than ever, it's one of the most relevant things I've come across. So every now and then, we look at it again in DED, and now DFN this month, too.

If you're feeling over-committed or too scattered in life – it might just be the antidote you need.

To sum it up, basically, if you're not saying "Fuck Yes" about whatever it is you're doing, than simply say "no".

When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than “all in” — then say “no”.

When you say no to most of the things in your life, you create room to throw yourself completely into the few things that get you stoked.

Every event you get invited to.

Every dinner party.

Every request to start a new project.

Every coffee you get asked to have...

If you’re not saying “fuck yes”, then it should be a "no".

We’re all busy, we’ve all taken on too much, and saying yes to less is the way out.


Photo credit: Wendy Sheperd
She's bomb, check her out!

Sept 18: Great Days, Great Nights


Sept 18: Great Days, Great Nights

The key to a great life is simply having a bunch of great days. So you can think about it one day at a time.
— Mr. Money Mustache

How much time do you spend thinking about the future?

The goals you want to reach by the end of this month, planning where you want to go, or maybe dreading and worrying about where you are going or if things will work out?

How often do your thoughts relive the past?

The good and the mistakes, dwelling on past setbacks? Past conversations or  

On the one hand, DFN is all about giving you time every evening to take steps towards the life you want and what matters to you. To set your path towards a future you want deep down. In order to do that, we often encourage you to look ahead and to look back and reflect.

But when it really comes down to it, it's also about squeezing every bit of life out of the moments we have right now. On this day that we are breathing into this very second.

All of the planning and reflecting is key, but it's not life. The future hasn't happened yet and the past cannot be changed.

Life only, truly, exists today. 

So while we are working towards futures and lives we want, we are, actually, taking back our today, tonight. Making our now as good as it can be, and choosing how we want to spend each minute we are given tonight, instead of letting other factors determine our moments. 

So turn off your phone, think about the plans you have for your DFN time tonight, and maybe a few minutes planning a smooth morning tomorrow, and then focus on the now.

Don't spend too much time in the future or past, but aim tonight to be more fully engaged with the here and now. 

When we try our best to fully live each day, each night, we won't do it perfectly, but pretty soon we find life feels drastically different.

So go all in on this tonight, try to be fully focused on the now as often as you can, and see how you feel when your head hits you pillow tonight.

Here's a evening jam to focus, wind down, and settle in...

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Sept 17: Feeling the FOMO


Sept 17: Feeling the FOMO

Halfway through these Damn Focused Nights now, and we’re wondering—-

have you felt the pang of the Fear of Missing Out?

So many things can pull us out after work, or in the evenings, not to mention social media showing us what everyone else is up to, and the feeling that others are having a ton of fun but you had to say no, or didn’t hear it was happening…. has all that impacted you this month, or you’ve sailed through that sea pretty much unscathed?

(If you never feel FOMO, please, jump over to the Facebook Group right now and tell us your secret. Seriously)

For the rest of us, read on. We pulled together a few idea to try that can help us navigate FOMO,

Your Challenge tonight: what does FOMO have to teach me?

We all know social media is a world of the best bits of life, it’s never the full picture of our lives, but still— it strongly shapes how we view the lives of others. Visual images are powerful even if we ‘know’ better.

Take 5 tonight and think about the last time you felt FOMO—due to social media, or real life adventures or plans your friends had while you missed out.

Got an example in mind? Good.

Now ask:

Is this feeling telling me something that I need to change?

Is FOMO pointing to something I need more of that I’ve been missing lately?

Is their fun something I REALLY wish I was doing, or did I actually want something else under the surface?

  • Is it about needing more social connection in my life?

  • Am I dissatisfied with parts of my life?

  • Is this feeling actually about fear of not living my life to the fullest?

Listen, name what you really feel, but then look at what you can do right now to fully engage with where you are today. What can you do right now that you want even more than the FOMO.

Shift from FOMO to LOMO - the Love of Missing Out :)

(thanks to community member Alicia Taggio for teaching us about her LOMO!)

Don’t let FOMO derail you. Instead, let it work for you.

Look below the surface of the feelings, find out what’s really going on inside for you, and make choices about what you do with that truth.

Then make one choice, today, to create more of what you really want.

Chances are, you have the power to turn things around in a small way, today.

Now go, make the most of your Damn Focused Night and make it exactly what you need it to be tonight. You are missing out on nothing, but gaining what matters most by putting your own real priorities first. Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, while you dive in… 

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Sept 16:  Nothing Time


Sept 16: Nothing Time

How was your day? Your week?

… did the answer ‘busy’ come to mind?

If yes, then you are in good company with the rest of us.

So many of us feel we need to keep doing more, every minute of the day and evening, and our week goes by in a blur leaving us wonder ‘where did it go?’ some days.

Reminding ourselves to pause, slow down, do less but do what matters as been a thread we’ve explored in the Daily Dose so far this month.

Slowing down and doing less sounds easy to do, but so many of us find it a real obstacle. Intentionally, together, carving out time in the sea of busy is so hard for alot of us, us included. But we know it matters, and that fuels us to keep building Damn Early Days and this program, Damn Focused Nights.

For tonight, we have a short 6 minute read from American writer, developer and story teller Aytekin Tank— the founder and CEO of JotForm. He has some interesting points to help shift us to seeing the power and potential of space, of doing nothing, of giving our mind a rest more often.

Give yourself some ‘nothing’ time tonight, before or after your other DFN plans.

Maybe with a hot cup looking out the window, taking a bath, or anything that lets your mind wander. Sink into that space, resisting the urge to fill it. See how it feels, what you discover in that space.

Then we’ll see ya back here tomorrow evening.

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya below.


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Sept 13: Find the Silence

Sept 13: Find the Silence

Do you feel pulled in many directions each day? With a mix of obligations for others and things you do for yourself, the world needs and wants alot from us.

On top of that social media, technology... it's alot.

And it can feel pretty loud sometimes.


Where do you build silence intentionally into your day?


Our time and attention can quickly be swallowed up once the day gets rolling, and we hopefully find silence as we sleep, but evening might in fact be an ideal time to carve out intentional silence for ourselves.

Not simply 'being too tired to talk' while you scroll on your cell phone, but doing silence on purpose. Elevating silence so that it is valued the same way we value other priorities each day.

Today's Challenge: set aside time for intentional silence.

This could take any form that feels right for you:

  • sipping decaffinated tea or coffee without distraction, soaking in the silence

  • a walk in your neighborhood, really listening to the sounds of the city, of these streets

  • journalling / writing

  • meditation

  • yoga, stretching or any morning movement that helps you to rediscover, feel and hear your body after a long day.

  • drawing

  • sitting outside for 10 minutes and breathing the fresh air

The list of ideas goes on...

And so, try making room for intentional silence this evening.

See how it feels to fully focus on it, take in the space that silence gives us in this busy world we live in.

Try savouring silence on purpose, rather than on autopilot as you go about your evening.

See what thoughts come up, what you hear and notice, how present you feel doing silence on purpose.

Then, get after the rest of your plans for your Damn Focused Night, and make this evening count. 

Here's your evening song, the Tsok Offering Tibetan chant. Try it before or after your silent time, or while you wind down tonight.

PS if you have a favorite song that feels good for you in the morning, drop it in the link below! Would love to share it with the community. 

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Sept 12: Pause For a Moment


Sept 12: Pause For a Moment

Why is it so hard to carve out time for ourselves and block out the world?

Some of us have been checking in and getting the time we want with DFN, and for some of us it’s been alot harder to do than expected.

No judgement or shame—however it’s been for you, it’s ok. That’s what’s real.

No matter how it has been for you, pause for a minute right now and ask yourself — WHY?

Why has it felt this way for me?

Do you feel the need to keep hustling, pushing, doing, going going going? Where did you learn it, or unlearn it?

Does silence and space feel good or odd and strange, maybe uncomfortable?

Wherever you are at, explore it a bit right now.

Spend a few minutes tonight thinking about that—what stories about your use of your time did you believe before DFN, and what do you think now that you are making the time? Whether you have been able to make the time for DFN every day or not, explore a bit the barriers that have been in your way.

Now that you are here, in this time, how does it feel?

What do you want more of as we keep going this month?

While you think, hit play on your evening jam. Can't get enough of the vibes of this one. 


Sept 11: The Pull


Sept 11: The Pull

What pulls you most evenings? 

You know the pull I mean-- not the plans we make, but those those indulgences, distractions or habits we find hard to resist.

As we keep taking small steps and make gains towards the lives that we want, so many factors pull for our attention and influence our actions along the way. Sometimes, like a craving for water, more sleep, quality time with friends or peace and quiet these pulls may serve us well. Sometimes, not so much. Many of these influences we are aware of, others are more subtle.

For a few minutes tonight, ask yourself—what do I have a hard time saying no to?  What do I crave?

Now, make a list of what comes to mind, without judgement.

I'm serious. Write it down, it makes a difference. 


Which cravings are helping you? Great. Make note of them. Carry on.


Which pulls aren’t helping you? That’s not to say they are bad, simply look at the ones that deep down you don’t feel good about for any reason.

For the ones that aren’t—spend a bit more time there. Why are you drawn to these things or these habits, time and again? Why don't you feel good, why aren't they helping you?

For some of us, it might be checking our Instagram and social media 50x a day, or eating certain foods we know aren't ideal for us. Or coffee. A certain relationship. We. Just. Can’t. Resist. Them. Try as we might, we just keep indulging. We just can’t say no.

Haha, am I right?

You feeling me? :P




Don’t settle for that story anymore.

It’s just that—a story.


Dig in, ask yourself: what needs are those pulls meeting for me?

There is obviously a reason because you keep saying yes.

Deep down, underneath the 'I know I shouldn't but..." are you actually happy with the way life feels with these pulls?

If you are, good. Own that. Keep going, saying yes to these things with intention.

If not, you have the power to change the choices you make.

That doesn’t mean that change is easy (we wouldn’t have decided to create DED or DFN if change was easy on our own), but nothing can change until you face it, own it, spend some time understanding it and then decide what you want to do with this realization.

Once you have clarity, you can decide the steps to make the changes you want, or keep doing the things you really want. 

This is not about good or bad, but rather being aware and becoming curious about where our attention, indulgences and habits lead us, and how they shape us. Our lives are made up of thousands of intentional choices, but also the unintentional, unexamined choices, too.

So tonight, own them, ask why, and see what clarity you can find when you really go deep with these pulls. Explore them openly, this time without judgment but a whole lot of curiosity instead. You might be surprised what you find.

While you think, hit play on your evening jam. Can't get enough of this one. 


Sept 10: Flow


Sept 10: Flow

No focus, No flow.
— Christine Carter

Maybe you have felt it, that mental state, our “sweet spot,” when we are challenged and our skills are being put to full use and the world flows. When we are so focused on a project, a task that we enjoy that hours seem to fly by in no time. 

Have you felt it this past week with your Damn Focused Nights?

We know that evenings can be hard times to shut out the world--there's supper, sometimes we have evening plans, getting ready for the next day, it's hard to find a bloc of time for us. This is why we created DFN. 

Maybe your DFN time is about being out with others, being active, or an experience that gets you out of the house. But if you are at home, wanting to dive deep tonight and make the most of your time, here are a few tips to shift you mindset and set you up for your best chances to slip into your Flow.

When is the last time you lost time, working on a project you liked? 

  • Make a list of what it was, where, when. The details. That's your formula. 

How is your environment right now?

  • This makes a huge difference in our ability to focus. Take 5 and tidy your work space, then com back. Or do you create and work best in a coffee shop, around others?

How is the sound in this space?

  • Do you get lost with music, or ambient sounds of your home or a coffee shop. Think about it. For some of us, some kinds of music help us zone out, for others, music is great for some tasks but is a subtle distraction, preventing us from ever fully  

How is my mental space?

  • Take 5 to clear your mental clutter from the dy -- 5 minutes to brain dump, make a to do list, whatever you need so you can hit pause on your planning mind, and so you feel no balls have been dropped. Leave it all on the paper.  

Make a plan for tonight

  • Knowing what you want to do next--especially in a big project or goal--helps your flow from one state with ease. Riding the wave from one step to the next. 

What distracts you?

  • Name them, own them, and find simple solutions to shut them down. Turn it off. Take a minute to anticipate your needs and take care of them now

Prime your body

  •  Grab a snack, and water. Concentration and focus actually take alot of mental and physical effort, and blood sugar and water have been proven to help with mental clarity and boosting concentration. 

Take a breath

  • Close your eyes and deep breathe for 1 minute -- settle your mind in order to it know it's time to let go of the day, focus nervous system and maximize blood flow in our brain

What tips or routine help you focus and get into your flow? Drop a message over on the Facebook Group, we want to keep learning from the community, and the many ways to flow. 

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, then turn this phone off. 

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Sept 9 : Switching Off


Sept 9 : Switching Off

It's Sunday night, a new weeks starts tomorrow, and here's your chance to set the tone for the week and start it with a few hours tonight entirely focused on you and what matters to you.

How have DFN felt for you so far-- has it been easy to switch gears from day to evening, from your other life obligations and distractions and focus on this time for you?

In your busy life--online and off--do you find it difficult to switch off the day, to truly turn things off and focus?

Tonight, take 5 and explore this question :

how do i mentally shut off the day and set myself up for the night I want?

Is it easy for you, or do you find yourself ruminating on things from work, from the day?

Are some days of the week easier to shut off than others -- weekdays vs weekends maybe?

What routines or habits help you unwind when you get home, or when you transition to your evening (whether it's out or at home)?

Consider making a routine or ritual if you don't have one yet.

  • For some its a cup of a favorite tea or coffee when you get home (or on the go, if your evening isn't at home)
  • changing clothes,
  • making a snack and sitting outside for a few minutes on the balcony or yard.
  • Cooking dinner, focusing on the details as you cook and taste
  • Meditation can be an effective way to hit 'stop' on the day, reset your focus, and give you a boost of energy for the evening ahead. 

It might seem tempting to unplug by binging on Netflix, but try to think of other simple activities that help you stay focused and present in the now, rather than escape as a way to switch off.


Your 2nd Challenge tonight-- turn off your cell phone and, if possible, put it in another room.

Intentionally make this DFN time a time when no one can reach you, and you can block out the world for awhile. Physically switch off, in order to mentally switch off and take control of your attention again. 

If your DFN time is in fact spending time with others tonight (maybe connection is one of the things that you are focusing on more of this month), by turning off your phone you can be more focused and present with the people and moments before you.  

Make tonight a good one, setting the tone for DFN for the rest of the week. 

Got some chill vibes for your evening jam right here for ya, then turn this phone off. 

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Sept 6: Foundations


Sept 6: Foundations

What do you need?

Think about it for a second.

This program was designed to help you carve out your own time and space in the evenings, block the world out, and how you fill it is up to you.

But whether you have projects and goals in mind, or are using this time to pause, reset, or explore, you won't get where you want to go without setting yourself up on your own strong foundation 

So, what do you need for that foundation below your feet?

To answer that, we have a little challenge for ya tonight:

step 1: Look Back

we'd like you to stop for a moment, and think back to a time when it felt like you were smashing life.

Maybe it was last week, maybe it was 8 years ago. There is no gain or shame about when the last time you felt you were on top of life. All that matters is you find a moment and we'll dig into it.

step 2: Explore Context

Let's explore exactly what was the context. We need to get specific about what unique combination of factors came together that helped you feel so stoked on life. 

Ask yourself:

What was I doing? Why did I love it?

How was the rest of my life--socially, health, etc?

Be as specific as possible describing that time in your life.

step 3: Break it down. 

Using the form below, get these ideas out. Take that memory, explore it, and translate it into a blueprint for the foundation that feels the best for you.

We'll email it back to you, and if we don't hear from ya, we'll be in touch. We want to nudge you towards building and living the life you really want. 

Describe in detail what felt so good about life in that memory. What else was going well in your life then, that together, made the perfect storm to smash it. Make a list of the key points, the things you need in a foundation to feel that way again. Start small, don't hold back. Just keep the flow going. This list--it's your foundation, it's your blueprint. So we'll send it back to ya soon!

Here's an evening jam below while you scheme. 

**This program runs Sunday - Thursday. So enjoy your Friday and Saturday nights, and we'll see ya again when we get back to what matters on Sunday evening. We'll set the tone for a solid week ahead. 

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Sept 5: Forget What You Know


Sept 5: Forget What You Know

What are you focusing on this month?

Do you have a clear plan?

Or no clue....

One thing we know from working with so many in this community is how we often feel we need to 'do more' and 'be proactive'.

Even when taking space just for ourselves.   

Maybe you have a clear project or plan and you are stoked to get into it as soon as you are done reading this Dose.

Or maybe you have been dabbling these past few days but haven't quite found what you want to do with this evening space.

Either way, we want you to try something tonight: 

forget everything 

One powerful strategy we use a lot are we scheme and create programs and events in Chasing Sunrise is starting from knowing nothing. We forget the To Do list, the old goals, and we get fresh clarity on what really matters, the essence of what we want. Then we build from there.

That's right. forget everything for a few minutes. The clear goals you already have for DFN?  Forget them. Or, the uncertainty and pressure to 'have goals for DFN'? Buh-bye. 

Forget everything.

Start from scratch and ask yourself:

What Else?

What are the things I love in life?

What makes me feel alive?

Don't hold back, there are no stupid answers. Just write, get that list down in the box below. We'll send it back to you--but if we don't get anything from ya, you'll hear from us. We'll nudge you. We want to help you get where you want to go.

Start with something ridiculous. Just keep the flow going. You'll probably see some trends as you go. We'll send it to ya soon!

And, a little reward: here's our evolving Damn Early Nights playlist to keep you going tonight with some nighttime jams....

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Sept 4: Refocus Your Goals


Sept 4: Refocus Your Goals

What goals or plans did you set out for yourself this month for Damn Focused Nights? 

Were they new goals, or maybe building momentum on existing dreams?

Maybe, like most of us, you have goals in many areas of life and you are hoping to grow in each of them over time.

When's the last time you wrote them down--on paper, or in your phone?

Tonight, we want to ask you to do just that.

your challenge

Take 5 and write out the important goals in your life, as many as it takes to get them all down. 


Seriously. Do it. We'll wait.


Now, with your list in mind, hit play on this 3 minute video. It breaks down business mastermind Warren Buffet's approach to focusing on our goals and cutting through the noise. It's simple but powerful.

Give his strategy a try and see how it works for you. 


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Sept 3: Stay Open

Sept 3: Stay Open

Night One. Here We Go. 

First things first, congrats on committing to yourself and taking steps towards making the reality you want – your reality. 

Every evening we will send you a text message on your phone, you check-in, and unlock this Daily Dose content. Read it, take from it what you need, then focus on you for a few hours. Closer to bed time we'll text you one more time to help you wrap up and get to bed. No one does well on sleep deprivation. 

For so many of us, our evenings are quickly eaten up by supper, maybe some tv or movies, some more time spent online or getting ready for the next day, and suddenly it's 11 PM and we aren't sure where our evening went. But we are too tired to analyze anything and we crash, only to wake up and rush to work half asleep then repeat. And repeat. and repeat. 

Sound familiar?

By committing to Damn Focused Nights, you are committing to yourself, to protecting a few hours each evening to focus on the life and dreams that you want, but that often get trampled on due to other distractions and exhaustion. You are giving you the chance to reclaim your time, your focus, and your life.

That's huge. 

Maybe you have clear plans for what you want to do this with time, or maybe you know you simply want to dedicate time and space to slow down and figure it out.

Both approaches are valuable.

Keep in mind, this is not about doing 'more'. With DFN time, or even Damn Early Days (our morning program), it's not about hustling to do more each day. Simply put, more isn't better.

This is about hitting pause on the distractions and choosing to spend some of the time you have on what we really want. Sometimes that means action on a project, sometimes that means soaking in the slowness of a few hours just for you. So don't feel the need to fill every second of your DFN time with more. Instead, fill it only with what matters, and block out everything else for a few hours.

This is your time. The world can wait until.


With the Daily Dose ideas, articles and challenges we send you this month, you always have a choice--deep down ultimately only you know what you need. You can do some, none, or all of them and then choose again the next day.

Whatever you choose to do with these evenings, we challenge you: go all in.  Go all in with every minute of time you carve out this month.

The more you put in to prioritizing and exploring you this month, the more you will get out of this. 

Especially with the writing prompts and challenges: do them. Do the work.

It can be easy to read a question on your phone and think about it for a minute, and then tell yourself "yup, I did the work, I know my answers".

But there is something very different that shifts in us when we put pen to paper and writing out what we really think about with a question or when we make a real list. Thinking about the answer isn't enough. Write, cross it out, erase, until you get it right.

This opportunity, this program, will only work if you do. 

As you scheme, dream and show up for yourself tonight---

Your Challenge:

Grab paper or your notebook and begin to list ideas and plans for your DFN evenings. A list you are stoked and looking forward to.

At the bottom, finish with these two words:

Stay Open. 

Sounds simple, but it's not easy. So often we think we need to plan and control things int order to make 'progress.' But in fact, when we're open to what could be, we're truly alive.

As you go through Damn Focused Nights, let your walls down and explore the hell out of this life and this nightly adventure. 

As you go through this, make some space for new experiences to come in and rock your world. Don't be afraid to try on different things that might or might not work.

Let them shake you up and flip switches in your mind. It's about letting go of the blocks, emotions, old mental patterns, that keeps us where we are.

It's the only way to find out what you truly want, and become who you really are. Stay open.

So with that, dive into your evening, start building a routine that feels good--we'll have some more tips on that tomorrow.

PS. We built this program on a foundation that community matters in this--life isn't a solo experience, and having people nudging us and supporting us makes all the difference. Come and add your voice to the DED and DFN community. Drop into the group and share how your first evening went. Your sharing throughout will help you and others get a better understand of what works, doesn't work, and what you need. It's about all of us, getting after what we know is inside of us, together.