Day 8

What have you been putting off?

Think about it for a moment. 

Simple question, but there might be a lot of answers.

Write them down in a list.

Avoiding cleaning your place, or finally doing your laundry?

Sorting paper that's been piling up?


WAY too many emails/newsletters filling your inbox?

Telling your partner or a friend about something that has been bothering you?

Big or small, the list of to-dos adds up and creates stress and mental clutter.

This AM, it's time to cross a few of them off your list.

Set a timer for 10 min and tackle a few of them. 

It's straight forward, but sometimes doing the things we've been putting off, finally getting around to them, releases a huge weight from the stress in our lives. Sometimes finally just doing what needs to be done can in fact be a vital part of our radical self-care.

How does it feel to finally let that task go? To have it completed, at last?  

While you do a bit of that Life Admin, here's the morning jam below for ya. Then get after your Summit plans for the rest of the AM.


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