Day 7

For this morning

Let's revisit a key idea from last week. It's something we need to keep doing, on the daily, in order for self-care to shift from being a band-aid that we do when we burnout to an essential practice that prevents overwhelm and burnout.

what do i need this morning?

Let that questions sink in, and see what needs come to mind first. As we talked about last week on Day 3 (missed it? Here it is), we need to make this question a habit that we practice often and that we remember to value and listen to. In the same way we care to ask 'what do you need, how can I help' to other people in our lives.

So, what do you need this morning? Where are you most in need to rebuild a bit. 

Mentally overwhelmed and need to reflect or play?

Alot weighing on you from work? Anything that you can tackle differently?

Physically need to move and wake up your body?

Feeling stagnant and need to learn and grow?


Ask, listen, then do it.


Give yourself what you need this AM, then get after your Summit goals. 

Keep asking yourself this question until it becomes familiar, second nature, and one of the best habits you have. 


As promised, here's the morning jam below for ya.


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