Day 6

The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world.
— Austin Kleon

For this morning

Let's carve out and protect that space. No interruptions from the outside or online world. You in?

Your challenge:

After reading this, turn off your cell phone and home internet for an hour this am. 

That's it.

Sounds simple--because it is.

But how often do you turn off all wifi, cell data, everything incoming in your living space so that you can just be fully here, right now? 

Read, write, think, take a bath, listen to music on CD or on your computer if you like (no spotify, that's wifi), do anything and everything you like without the mental clutter of incoming messages or the nagging desire to check social media and emails. Block out all that online clutter, and see how this mental space feels this morning. This simple act can have a huge impact on us. 

P.S One of the best feelings you may have when you turn it all back on---the relief and clarity that comes when you see that no one needed you, the world kept on going, and it turns out nothing important happened while you were away.

Odds are, you won't miss much, but will gain alot mentally in that hour of real, disconnected space. You may find you feel more connected to your morning when that cloud of online connection and noise has been deliberately, fully silenced. 

Ready to try?

Turn off this device, get after your other self-care goals you wrote in your Summit, and enjoy this retreat from the world. See how it feels different or similar to mornings last week.

We'll have a new morning jam back tomorrow AM for ya.


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