Day 5

Writing ... reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.
— Robin S. Sharma

New week, 5 more chances to build your foundation every morning before going out into the busy-ness of the day.

If you missed Day 1, take a read here. It will lay the groundwork for today. 

For this morning

Nothing long to read, but instead an invitation to reflect a bit and get some clarity. Remember, as we mentioned last week, just thinking about these questions isn't nearly as powerful as sitting an writing about them for a few minutes. You get what you put in to self-care like this. So, we challenge you--go all in on this. Stay open to what answers come up.

Grab your notebook or some paper and let's go:

1. What ways do you get re-engage with life

-- List them. Whenever you do these things, you feel better. Maybe it's talking to a specific friend who's insights always set you straight, or being out with specific people, getting out for a long hike or bike ride for the day and coming home invigorated and recharged. You name it, if it makes you feel engaged and reconnected to your life, put it down on paper right now. 

2. What is something that you always LOVE to do, even when you are exhausted? 

--Big or small, write them down 

3. What things do you do to typically 'unwind' or 'recharge'

--Once you have the list, go down the list and ask yourself--do they support or distract you from what you really love doing, deep down (ie the lists above). 

That's it.

Now, get after your other self-care goals you wrote in your Summit, and press play below on your morning jam .....  


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