Day 21

if you are here, on day 21, that says something about who you are, and who you want to be.

Maybe this month was 21 for 21 for ya, or maybe you managed to get a few mornings in for yourself -- but other things tripped you up. What matters is you got a taste of what it can feel like to recharge your batteries. 

How did it feel?

Self-care isn't actually about being indulgent or a treat, it's the foundation of being able to do our best work out in the world, and be able to show up for the people that matter to us. When we are empty, we have nothing to give.

When you think about it, it's a bit like when airline attendants remind us to put on our oxygen masks before helping others. We need to do it, but our instinct is to put other things and people first. So we need to hear the reminder over and over to take care of our selves first so we can do more for others.

one more challenge for ya:

make a game plan

This month of challenges was intended to help us all reset, refocus, and rethink our old approaches to self-care as an after-thought.  But this challenge does nothing if we just fall back into old habits tomorrow.

So grab paper or a notebook, and make three lists:

No Time

- If you have only 20 minutes some days, what are a few things self-care ideas you could do, no matter how busy the morning or evening feels? "no time" is often an excuse we have for all kinds of things.

Let's cut through that BS, right now.

Right this minute, plan for it.

What are a few essential, short and impactful things you can do for yourself even when short on time?

Enough Time

- Write out a list of self-care you would like to do daily or weekly.

-Make a routine--maybe you prefer the same routine every day, maybe a few routines that you can switch up.

Extra Time

- What are a few bigger 'makes me feel alive' things you could do on a Saturday, or a long weekend? They might happen once in awhile, but they feel so good and refuel you on a deeper level. Make them a priority along with the 'little things'.

Keep these lists and use them

By planning for all time scenarios, you have a tool box you can come back to every day or evey week to help yourself say recharged no matter how pressed for time some mornings or days may feel. 

Then, lastly, spend some time with your coffee this AM thinking about how this month felt, what you want to keep doing, what you learned along the way. 

We want to send you huge love for diving into this topic with us this month. We're excited to see where this kind of momentum can take all of us. 

And if you are keen to keep going, remember August DED will be get rolling next week. Watch your email for detals. 

And, as usual, we got your morning jam... (starts with a strong beat, but trust us, it'll get you groovin' this AM)

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor