Day 20

Think back for a moment--

How did you define self-care for yourself at the beginning of this month?

How would you define it now?

When we started planning this program, we reached out to friends and people we admire and learn from, and asked them the same question--What does self-care mean in your life? 

We were stoked to get back some pretty great responses, and see this conversation rippling through the community. 

One response today, from a friend at RYU, an athletic wear brand here in Vancouver that we have collaborated with in the past, comes from Juliet Korver, their VP of Product and Brand. She offered us her thoughts on self care and we wanted to share them with you, too.  They are simple, but fundamental. Take a read...

From Juliet:

Self-care for me is not an indulgence or a reward.

It’s a daily practice.

For instance, if I miss booking a massage, or getting my nails done, my week will go on. But when I neglect doing my laundry, shopping for groceries or cleaning my house, my week grinds to a halt because I am stressed and scrambling.

Keeping my stress levels at a low simmer is key to my well-being. Good sleeps, my to-do list done, a clean bed, dirty dishes not piled up, and an up-to-date calendar so I know where my time is committed, are the types of activities I need to take care of myself.

Having all the "little things" done allows me to be present. During my work day, binge organized to train daily, all mean I can relax when I come home at night. For me, that’s pure indulgence. 

I’d be happy to light my scented candles, take petal filled baths, and have beautiful flowers on the coffee table at all times. But if I don't prioritize the time to take care of my daily life structure, I would be stressed, unhappy, and less productive or efficient.

I am now going to make my bed, whip up some breakfast and dig for a clean pair of socks.

Juliet Korver-

RYU- VP of Product and Brand

Question for you: what daily essentials and "little thing" do you realize you need for your self-care?

Write them down, make it a list you can see everyday. Once you know those, you can start to make a lasting routines in caring for You, long after this July challenge wraps up -- or keep it going with us, DED will be back for a new round in August.

We'll see ya bright and early tomorrow AM for one more morning to take care of you. 

And, as usual, we got your morning jam...

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor