Day 19

Think back for a moment-- to how life felt before and during this month.

What were obstacles that prevented you from making time for self-care?

When we started planning this program, we reached out to friends and people we admire and learn from, and asked them the same question--What does self-care mean in your life? Why don't we do it? 

We were stoked to get back some pretty great responses, and see this conversation rippling through the community. 

One response today, from a friend and long-time member of the CS community here in Vancouver: Cam McDougall.

In his life so far, he's been a criminal, chef, Finance Executive, CrossFit & Lifestyle Coach, cocial entrepreneur and now Impact Driven Philanthropist and blogger. His passion for helping others to design the life they want has been inspiring for us and we've learned alot from him over the years. So when he shared with us his thoughts on self-care, we wanted to share it with you too:

From Cam:

For me, self care starts by believing I am WORTHY of it.

I have really f*cked up in my time on this planet. From failed businesses, to relationships and activities, I have blown them all. And I know I am not alone, it's as simple as that. So how come every single time I make a mistake, or "learn the hard way" I get down on myself?

The truth is, because I have been addicted to beating myself up.

"I am not worthy of this, I could never have that. How could I miss that, I could never accomplish that..". And so on it goes. We do not feel worthy of TRUE self care because we are so caught up in what we don't deserve. So we continue down this path looking for external distractions as a coping mechanism.

Self care through simple pampering is like taking a pill to numb the pain, instead of looking for the origin. When we are down on ourselves and do not believe we are worthy of nurture and care, nothing can be done externally to fix the lack we harbour on the inside.

For this reason, I developed my own three pillars of self care that I apply every day.

  1. I only say positive things about myself 
  2. When I am feeling low, I sit in it and reflect on the lesson I am to learn
  3. I document my celebrations every night before I go to bed (Big or small)

With these steps, I change my mental framework, never avoid self-evaluation and make sure to end each day in a state of praise for the things I accomplished that day. 


Because I deserve it.

Big love, 

Cam MacDougall

IG: @cammacdougall

Question for you: what beliefs have held you back from self-care?

Once you unpack those, you can start to make a lasting shift in caring for You, long after this July challenge wraps up -- or keep it going with us, DED will be back for a new round in August.

Think about your obstacles you had, write them out, and see more clearly what was holding you back. We'll see ya bright and early on Monday AM. Enjoy the weekend!

And, as usual, we got your morning jam...

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