Day 18

What's in the fridge, Right now?

Think for a second -- is it full of food that makes you feel good, or maybe it's looking pretty bare?

What are you planning to eat today?

Are you someone who takes time each week to plan your meals and groceries, or maybe is it more on the fly, and often take out?

Our individual relationships to food are complex, and our tastes are too.

But one thing is certain--food has one of the biggest impacts on how our bodies feel every day, and are essential for keeping our tuned up and thriving for as long as we have.

Food can also be a way to take care of ourselves mentally each day, not just physically.

No matter how organized or not that you are with food--today, we want you to plan today's personal menu with two points in mind:

  • Choose meals you know will feel good (what feels healthy and good is up to you and what works for your body and needs)
  • Choose meals you genuinely look forward to eating every bite of.

Food can be a powerful self-care break throughout the day. Whether we like to plan it out or not, we eat thousands of meals in our lifetime. Each offers us a chance to choose what feels good physically and mentally.


So, let's make our meals awesome today.


Let's choose to approach our meals as a few of the best intentional moments of today, not an after thought.

Grab a pen and paper and start scheming--take out? home-cooked? What would your best-ever food day look like?

How does it feel to approach your meals this way--as something to look forward to rather than another obligation or after-thought on a busy day?


Plan it out, then go and make it happen. Let food be one more way you care for you today.

Here's your morning jam this AM, a classic singer/songwriter flashback from the 90s...

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor