Day 15

We know that movement and good food helps to take care and strengthen our bodies, and perhaps they are part of your self care.

But how often do we take care of, strengthen, and help our minds to grow?

So much of our mental energy and attention goes outwards every day --to friends, family, for work and projects. But taking time to learn for ourselves, that is one way we can continue to grow and recharge.

All too often, we forget to make it a priority. 

The ideas we take in--whether by reading, listening, or the media we consume--have a huge impact on the way we think and who we grow to be.

Today's Challenge: set aside time for learning this morning

Whether you have a book on the go, or you want to give a new podcast a listen with your morning coffee, take in new ideas this morning.

Last week we asked you on Facebook for a few favorite podcasts in the DED community. We will keep collecting and sharing your recommendations, but here are a few this AM. 


  • Anny likes this one for it's "great insight into how the mind works"

The Moth

  • Anny and Jessa like this one for compelling, true stories told to a live audience. Always insightful and eye-opening

This American Life

  • Jessa loves this one for it's human stories, investigative reporting on topics that don't make mainstream news, each week they choose an unusual theme and collect human stories around that theme.  

Sarah Blondin podcasts on the Insight Timer App

  • Both Taryn and Lauren love her podcast, calling her " authentic, soft, raw, relateable, open, kind, wise, and pure magic". Perfect compliment for your morning meditation.

Stuff You Should Know

  • Both Kristin and Fiona love this one -- learn cool things.

Are you a fan of podcasts? Read a book recently that blew you away and taught you alot? Drop it in the Good Links link below, we want to know about it and share it with the community. 

Here's your morning jam while you get after it this AM...

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor