Day 10

Almost at the halfway point of this program, and to start it off we want to encourage you to start the week off with a bit of fun----

What would feel fantastic this AM? What would you NEVER do before work?

  • Watch an entire movie in bed with the most delicious breakfast (or popcorn, you choose)
  • Take a long bath?
  • Read for a whole hour outside with your coffee?
  • Go for a mini adventure--it could be a hike, or simply a long walk or run to see a part of your city you never see in the morning? 
  • We challenge you to do something that will refuel you this AM, that is out of the ordinary from your morning routine so far.

So take a minute, think of a few ideas, and when you find one that makes your heart leap a bit,

Do. That.

Because self-care is also about getting out of our routines, and doing things that make us feel alive. So take time out of your regular DED plans and intentionally challenge yourself to do something new and different that you haven't done so far in the mornings this month. 

We'd love to hear about what you do--hop over to the Facebook group and let us all know! 

And of course...

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Jessa Alston-O'Connor