Day 11

Day 11

For this morning, pull out some paper or the notebook we talked about back on Day 1.

Part of self-care is not only doing what we need to refuel and recharge, but taking stalk of where our energy and time is going out--not only in terms of the people and projects in our lives, but also where we are directing our attention. If we don't fully understand and choose carefully, the cycle of burnout and checking out continues, and self-care remains damage control rather than the foundation we know it can be.  

We got three questions for ya--

What (or who) am I tolerating that I really don't want in my life?

How am I behaving as a reactor rather than an initiator?

How am I spending too much time on things that aren't my priorities?

And of course...

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Day 10

Day 10

Almost at the halfway point of this program, and to start it off we want to encourage you to start the week off with a bit of fun----

What would feel fantastic this AM? What would you NEVER do before work?

  • Watch an entire movie in bed with the most delicious breakfast (or popcorn, you choose)
  • Take a long bath?
  • Read for a whole hour outside with your coffee?
  • Go for a mini adventure--it could be a hike, or simply a long walk or run to see a part of your city you never see in the morning? 
  • We challenge you to do something that will refuel you this AM, that is out of the ordinary from your morning routine so far.

So take a minute, think of a few ideas, and when you find one that makes your heart leap a bit,

Do. That.

Because self-care is also about getting out of our routines, and doing things that make us feel alive. So take time out of your regular DED plans and intentionally challenge yourself to do something new and different that you haven't done so far in the mornings this month. 

We'd love to hear about what you do--hop over to the Facebook group and let us all know! 

And of course...

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Day 9

Day 9

As we roll into the end of the second week of the program, we want to take a moment and acknowledge what we all have collectively done these last two weeks.

Over the past two weeks, hundreds of you have committed to winning at your own game and dove into something that most are unwilling to.

You made taking care of yourself a priority.

You put what matters to you before the world had a chance to take that space away.

More than that though, you played a part in building a community spanning over 10 countries and almost every time zone. That means at almost any time of the day, someone around the world is getting up to get after it.

That's powerful and we want to thank you for your willingness to embrace that side of life.

We think that's pretty damn cool.


Before We Look Ahead

Before looking at what's ahead, it’s worth taking time to sit back and reflect on what just happened.

Most of us have a fear of slowing down – unwilling to stop long enough to let what we’re doing catch-up to us. Maybe this is because we don’t want to confront how we spend our time or maybe it’s because we feel like we’ll lose momentum, but if there’s anything history has taught us, it’s that slowing down to reflect only helps us move faster, further, and more purposely.

With that, we have a single request from you this morning – take some time to reflect on what these last two weeks have been for you.

It will not only make a big difference in the rest of your 21 Damn Early Days self-care experience but if you incorporate reflection into your life, it will have a huge impact on where you end up.

To get you started, we got some simple questions...


Questions Worth Thinking About

Keep in mind these are just a guideline to get you started. Your reflection is an exercise in asking the questions you care about.

About Damn Early Days RADical Self-Care Edition:

Ask yourself:

  • What have you gained from waking up early?
  • What are your biggest struggles so far?
  • What positive stories have you been telling yourself throughout?
  • What self-defeating stories have you been telling yourself throughout?
  • Do you feel you're getting closer to what you want?
  • What differences do you notice in your life, routine, and mood before and during Damn Early Days?
  • What emotions have you gone through? What caused them?
  • Were there mornings that were particularly tough? What contributed to them being that way?
  • Were there mornings that were particularly enjoyable? What made them more enjoyable?
  • How have your views towards self-care been shaped by the experience so far?

Looking Forward:

Ask yourself:

  • Put yourself in your own shoes at the end of July. What do you want out of this? What defines “success”?
  • What do you want to feel at the end of this?
  • What do you need to do next week to move yourself closer to that your success?
  • What can you carry into next week that you learned this week? What can you drop?
  • What’s the top priority in your life right now?
  • Are there areas of self-care you want to change in the second half of this program?

And of course...

Day 8


Day 8

What have you been putting off?

Think about it for a moment. 

Simple question, but there might be a lot of answers.

Write them down in a list.

Avoiding cleaning your place, or finally doing your laundry?

Sorting paper that's been piling up?


WAY too many emails/newsletters filling your inbox?

Telling your partner or a friend about something that has been bothering you?

Big or small, the list of to-dos adds up and creates stress and mental clutter.

This AM, it's time to cross a few of them off your list.

Set a timer for 10 min and tackle a few of them. 

It's straight forward, but sometimes doing the things we've been putting off, finally getting around to them, releases a huge weight from the stress in our lives. Sometimes finally just doing what needs to be done can in fact be a vital part of our radical self-care.

How does it feel to finally let that task go? To have it completed, at last?  

While you do a bit of that Life Admin, here's the morning jam below for ya. Then get after your Summit plans for the rest of the AM.


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Day 7


Day 7

For this morning

Let's revisit a key idea from last week. It's something we need to keep doing, on the daily, in order for self-care to shift from being a band-aid that we do when we burnout to an essential practice that prevents overwhelm and burnout.

what do i need this morning?

Let that questions sink in, and see what needs come to mind first. As we talked about last week on Day 3 (missed it? Here it is), we need to make this question a habit that we practice often and that we remember to value and listen to. In the same way we care to ask 'what do you need, how can I help' to other people in our lives.

So, what do you need this morning? Where are you most in need to rebuild a bit. 

Mentally overwhelmed and need to reflect or play?

Alot weighing on you from work? Anything that you can tackle differently?

Physically need to move and wake up your body?

Feeling stagnant and need to learn and grow?


Ask, listen, then do it.


Give yourself what you need this AM, then get after your Summit goals. 

Keep asking yourself this question until it becomes familiar, second nature, and one of the best habits you have. 


As promised, here's the morning jam below for ya.


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Day 6


Day 6

The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world.
— Austin Kleon

For this morning

Let's carve out and protect that space. No interruptions from the outside or online world. You in?

Your challenge:

After reading this, turn off your cell phone and home internet for an hour this am. 

That's it.

Sounds simple--because it is.

But how often do you turn off all wifi, cell data, everything incoming in your living space so that you can just be fully here, right now? 

Read, write, think, take a bath, listen to music on CD or on your computer if you like (no spotify, that's wifi), do anything and everything you like without the mental clutter of incoming messages or the nagging desire to check social media and emails. Block out all that online clutter, and see how this mental space feels this morning. This simple act can have a huge impact on us. 

P.S One of the best feelings you may have when you turn it all back on---the relief and clarity that comes when you see that no one needed you, the world kept on going, and it turns out nothing important happened while you were away.

Odds are, you won't miss much, but will gain alot mentally in that hour of real, disconnected space. You may find you feel more connected to your morning when that cloud of online connection and noise has been deliberately, fully silenced. 

Ready to try?

Turn off this device, get after your other self-care goals you wrote in your Summit, and enjoy this retreat from the world. See how it feels different or similar to mornings last week.

We'll have a new morning jam back tomorrow AM for ya.


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Day 5


Day 5

Writing ... reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.
— Robin S. Sharma

New week, 5 more chances to build your foundation every morning before going out into the busy-ness of the day.

If you missed Day 1, take a read here. It will lay the groundwork for today. 

For this morning

Nothing long to read, but instead an invitation to reflect a bit and get some clarity. Remember, as we mentioned last week, just thinking about these questions isn't nearly as powerful as sitting an writing about them for a few minutes. You get what you put in to self-care like this. So, we challenge you--go all in on this. Stay open to what answers come up.

Grab your notebook or some paper and let's go:

1. What ways do you get re-engage with life

-- List them. Whenever you do these things, you feel better. Maybe it's talking to a specific friend who's insights always set you straight, or being out with specific people, getting out for a long hike or bike ride for the day and coming home invigorated and recharged. You name it, if it makes you feel engaged and reconnected to your life, put it down on paper right now. 

2. What is something that you always LOVE to do, even when you are exhausted? 

--Big or small, write them down 

3. What things do you do to typically 'unwind' or 'recharge'

--Once you have the list, go down the list and ask yourself--do they support or distract you from what you really love doing, deep down (ie the lists above). 

That's it.

Now, get after your other self-care goals you wrote in your Summit, and press play below on your morning jam .....  


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Day 4


Day 4

The difference between rising at five and seven o’clock in the morning, for forty years, supposing a man to go to bed at the same hour at night, is nearly equivalent to the addition of ten years to a man’s life.
— Doddridge

Let that thought sink in for a mintue.


Pretty powerful, hey? This time, every morning, adds up to so much more.

How has it felt, adding a few hours to your life that are just for you this week?

How has it impacted how the rest of your day has felt?


For this morning

Nothing long to read, but instead an invitation to create space of nothing, in order to make room for everything. 

Simply--take your morning tea or coffee outside.

It could be a walk with a real mug in your hands, sitting on the grass outside your apartment building, or on your balcony.  You can choose to make that time phone-free, but if you're down, would love to see a photo of your view. Share it on the DED FB group, so that we can all see the morning sky from around the world.

Spend that time fully engaged in nothing, and everything.

Every sip.

Every sigh of the morning wind.

Every thought that comes to mind now that there is finally some much needed stillness that can allow for possibility. 

Then see how your Friday feels.


While you make your cup and head outside, press play below on your slow morning jam .....  


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Day 3


Day 3

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.
— Audre Lorde

When it comes to friends, lovers and family, we are used to reaching out and asking them---

"What do you need?"

"How can I help you right now?"

But how often to we ask ourselves those simple but essential questions?

- - - 

That's what I thought.

Ask yourself--why is this

Why don't we have the habit of asking ourselves "what do I need" as often as we do for others?

Why ignore this in ourselves, or avoid the answers? 

There can be a misconception that talking about our needs is 'admitting' we don't have it all together, that we aren't ok. But in fact, needs aren't about lack. It's the same way that a plant needing water and sun to grow isn't a weakness, it's essential to it's survival. So too are our needs. The key to taking care of ourselves before we burn out, is getting comfortable exploring what we need, sitting with the answers we find, and responding to them.

So today, your challenge is to sit for a minute and ask yourself:

What do I need this morning?

Let a few answers bubble up, without judgement. Sit with those thoughts and feelings -- needs can feel vulnerable to face at first. 

Only when we accept 'this is where I'm at this morning, this is what I need', can we take real steps to meet those needs. Otherwise, it's all too easy to let old habits creep in that mask things. and distract us from what is actually going on inside.

So, what do you need?

If it helps, list it out on a paper or in your notebook.


I'll wait.

Now, choose the most pressing one, or a few smaller ones. Write one thing you can do this morning to meet that need.

Then: Take Action. Do that one thing.

Feeling exhausted mentally, and just need empty, quiet space? 

  • Embrace empty, guilt-free space this morning.
  • Meditate
  • Take a hot bath and soak in that peaceful silence
  • Go for a walk with your coffee --in a real mug, try it--and look up as you stroll
  • Sit and write
  • Watch the sky come alive as the sun rises outside your window

Feeling stressed in your space?

  • Tidy your bedroom. Make it the most zen it's been in a long time. Put those clothes where they belong. Make your bed. ...Whoa, is this a boutique hotel? No, it's just your room, but better. 
  • Finally clear and sort those papers and stacks that have been piling up in other rooms.
  • Set a timer and see what a difference 10 min of tidying can do. If it felt good, do another 10 min.

Feeling lonely?

  • Reach out to a friend or coworker and make plans, send them a message.
  • Look up and join a few new events and groups where you can meet others who want to connect like you do. Try sites like
  • Call an old friend or family member who makes you feel good whenever you catch up.

Feeling stagnant, restless in life?

  • Learn.
  • Try a podcast this am. Try This American Life
  • Find a few library or audio books online that you want to read, and get them. Need a good book to try? Ask the DED Facebook group for recommendations. 
  • Watch a Ted Talk, or a documentary online. Ask the DED community for their faves. 
  • Reflect and write a plan about where you want to go/grow. 
  • Feed your mind

The key is to make it a daily habit --

checking in with ourselves, how we are doing, and getting good at knowing and giving ourselves what we need. A little every day. 

See what it feels like to do that more, and put your own oxyen masks on before helping others. I'm willing to bet that before long, you will have so much more of yourself to bring into the rest of your life.


While you think about what you need, and plan one thing to do this morning, press play below on your morning jam .....  

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Day 2


Day 2

In the spring mornings I would work early while my wife still slept. The windows were open wide and the cobbles of the street were drying after the rain.
— Ernest Hemingway

Before Damn Early Days, what did your mornings typically look like?

For most of us, it's a mix of caffeine, maybe grabbing some breakfast, making ourselves presentable and rushing out the door to work. To meetings, for kids, for everything we do out in the world. Or if we work from home, taking care of our daily obligations there. Maybe we take the dog out quickly, too. 

Far from recharging, to say the least. No wonder most of us don't like getting up early--to THAT. 

But what if we rethink what mornings can mean. What if mornings aren't about getting up in order to show up for the outside world, but it's a time when we get up in order to show up for ourselves. Afterwards, then, and only then, do we shift and show up for others.

What is the first hour of the day was protected, and prioritized, refueling our batteries and starting off our day feeling fulfilled, on course, and invigorated rather than rushed, late, or stressed. Added bonus: how would our days feel with and hour of WINS right out of the gate?

Today's Challenge: The Hour of Power

When you begin to think about building an hour that supports you, you will find there are many resources out there. But most of them are a variation on the Hour of Power. It's an idea created by Jack Canfield, best selling author "the Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" and creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books (remember those?).

Simply put, it's creating and protecting 1 hour that focuses on you, in order to start your day off feeling recharged rather than running on empty. Imagine--what would the day feel like when your mind, body, and spirit are taken care of first. 

The premise is to spend 20 minutes taking care of 3 key areas of yourself so you are ready to step out and take on the rest of life. Take a look at these variations, and see if any combination feel right. Create your own Hour of Power, and adjust it as you need to this month. 

Mind/ Body/ Spirit


Spend 20 minutes feeding your mind. Try a Ted Talk, a podcast, or an uplifting or inspiring book. Absolutely no social media. Invest in material that feeds your mind instead. 

Bonus: did you know you can listen to youtube videos and audio on faster speeds? Just saying. More goodness, less time.


Move. This could be taking a walk or job, walking your dog, or it can event simply be slowly stretching on a yoga mat. If you want to be really comfy, we won't judge--stay in bed and slowly stretch and twist. Wake up and use your body, rather than using it simply to rush out the door to work. 

Spirit (or the You deep down inside)

Writing, journalling, reflecting, writing about gratitutes

Meditation - more and more people are giving meditation a go. In our busy lives, simply the act of quieting your mind can be powerful. 

Popular apps can guide you through 100s of approaches to meditation. There are bound to be some that work for you. Try apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, or look up meditation courses near you or guided videos on youtube. Sometimes learning form a teacher can make all the difference for those of us who feel we just can't meditate. 

Or, for a simple challenge this morning, try this: What does the morning sound like where you live? Get a pillow, open your window or balcony door and sit on the floor or a spot near the window/door. If it's chilly, get a blanket.

Sit comfortably, eyes closed. Let the morning air in, and feel it fall down upon you.

 Listen. To the city, to the wind, to anything you hear this morning, as the city is waking up.

Breathe. Deeply and slowly. 

Listen. When your mind wanders, that's no problem. Simply guide it back to listening to the morning. Try this for as long as you are comfortable, 10-20 minutes. See how it feels, I dare ya.

Build your own Hour of Power

Choose 3 areas that matter to you:



Body/Goal-Setting/Meal Prep


that's important / that to / ya definitely that

What three areas matter to you?

If move is on your list, hit play and move around your kitchen to this morning jam below...

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, or ideas for your Hour of Power?

Come share them on the FB, and get ideas from the community to add to your Mind list. 


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Day 1


Day 1

Self-care is how you take your power back.
— Lalah Delia

This month, we are giving ourselves permission to create space

Guilt-free, protected space to do what we want and need, deep down, not what we 'should' for the outside world the second we get out of bed. Carving out some time each morning to recharge our own batteries first, so we have more to give in the rest of life.

For too long, self-care has been advertised as indulgening in a bubble bath, escape, hitting 'pause' on the stresses of busy life.

But if we can nail real self-care, then the busy-ness won't trap us.

Baths are rad, and many of us legit need to sit and chill in the tub more often, but we know that self-care is so much more than that.

It's actually the bedrock of living a badass life. Done well, it can build our foundations and be an adaptable framework to roll with the uncertainties of life.  

Sometimes it's watching Netflix in a bath for 3 hours in the morning before work.
Sometimes it's taking risks so you can feel alive and confident.
Sometimes it's sleeping for 11 hours a day for 2 weeks guilt free.

And sometimes it also involves digging into and speaking your values. Setting healthy boundaries. Learning and growing.

At the core, RAD-ical self-care involves creating consistent space for yourself so you can be more engaged with yourself and your life, rather than escape or avoid it.  

And having rad people around you who make this ride this month even better.

You have choice

With the self-care challenges and prompts we send you this month, you always have a choice--deep down ultimately only you know what you need. You can do some, none, or all of them and then choose again the next day.

Whichever prompts you choose, we challenge you: go all in on them.  Go all in with every minute of self-care you carve out this month.

The more you put in to caring and exploring you this month, more you will get out of this. 

Especially with the writing prompts: do them. Do the work.

It can be easy to read a question on your phone when you are half asleep, think about it for a minute, and then tell yourself "I did the work, I know my answers".

But there is something very different that shifts in us when we put pen to paper and writing out what we really think about with a question or when we make a real list. Thinking about the answer isn't enough. Write, cross it out, erase, until you get it right. The writing challenges will only work, if you do. 

Let's try it now.

Ready for your first challenge?

Get out paper or a simple notebook you can use this month and make three simple but important lists:

What areas of my life are especially taxing right now?




When's the last time I felt fully recharged--what was I doing? With whom?




What activities or experiences make me feel alive?





Write these lists out, add to them until they feel right.

We'll be coming back to them again later this month.

Bonus: What do you want this month to feel and look like?




Intentionally, we'll give you prompts and challenges that won't take you all morning. You will have space to do what matters to you, too. To work on the goals you made in your Summit on your Profile page, that you see on your checkin page every morning.

So plan that out. Right. Now.

 Write out a morning routine of RAD self-care time plus your Summit time. This routine will be your space each day. Carve it out, protect it, and see how this month can feel when you create this space for you and value it along with your daily to-dos. If you need a bit of guidance, here's a good read to get you going.

While you write and your plans take shape this AM, we got some feel-good reminders from Trevor Hall for your morning jam below....


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