Wecome to June!

The first check-in will be happening monday, june 4th
But As you know, this starts the second you mentally commit yourself to it.
...and you're committed.


1. Getting GOING.

You've been here before, so it can be easy to just say "I've got this" and dive back into the habits and routines you've built up over the past month or during past DED rounds.

But before you do, we recommend taking some time to re-evaluate and examine what's working, what's not, what you want, why you're here, and what's possible.

A ten minute check-in will help you get centred and give you a solid foundation for the next month.

Answer these three questions:

  1. What Do You Want? Connect With That. 
    Take some time to re-connect to WHY you're doing this. Go back and re-read Day 1's article. Look inside and own it. No one can answer that for you.
  2. What Are Your Goals? 
    Figure out what you want to look back on in a month and have accomplished (this is what we call your SUMMIT).
       Is it a project?
       Is it building a routine?
       Is it self-care?
       Is it discipline?
    It's up to you, but we highly recommend you know it before you dive in.
  3. What Foundation Do You Need - What Sets You Up To Win At Your Own Game?
    Re-dive into the content below and mentally reset for another round of this. Don't make the mistake of just brushing it off. Redo the exercises with a much better understanding of what works.

    Specifically, focus on what your evenings and mornings are going to be like. Take 5 min to design them (what they are + what they aren't) and you'll get an insane amount of freedom.
  4. Then Set-Up Your Account, Pick Your Wakeup Time, Enter Your SUMMIT and Get Ready To Make This Month Count.
    Button below

2. Read The Pre-Program Material.

To get you up to speed with everything happening, take a read through the content, starting with 1 and ending with 5. Make sure you've gone through and done this before the program begins!

3. Setting Up Your Account & Check-Ins

Click above in order to update your DED account and set up your check-in time. You can't start the program without this step.

Make sure you hit "Save" in your account! 

This will automatically add you to our checkin-in system for this round. 

Until then, take a few to plan your bedtimes and you'll be winning at this game already

That's it for now.