Welcome to JULY!

Let's get the details out of the way ASAP:

 You'll receive an email this weekend to set up your account. Keep an eye out for it.
The check-ins will begin TUESDAY, July 3rd.

But the first check-in is down below
Because this has actually already started.
You're in. You committed to this. 
And it's time to take care of your damn self.

Before we get going!

It can be easy to just say "I've got this" 
Let's be clear - you do got this.
You literally can not f*ck it up.

But know that your old habits will have a pull to them.
They are easy to run on autopilot. 
and they sneak back in (silently
More than early mornings, DED is about space.
Real space. For you. 
To remember who you are.
And to explore new ways of living your life.

Do this Now: take 2-5 minutes

Shut everything else out for a second
(because unless it's an emergency, it's not an emergency.) 

You ready?

Let yourself take some long, easy breaths.. 

Listen to what's going on around you... 

...now inside you.

What does it feel like inside?

Let yourself have a few more chill breaths...

Look at it what you hear and feel.


Accept whatever comes up.
(you don't have to have the answers in life, second-by-second)

Stay with those feelings.

No need to try and change them. 
Let them start to tell you something...

You're ready for the first check-in.
This first check-in 👇 is for you...
...so are the next 21+