The only thing to consider with the dose this morning is this: Why. Not. You.

Think of one thing you’ve been wanting to have, or do in life.

That book you’ve thought about writing?
Asking for a raise?
Changing careers?
Getting into politics?
Taking on that new skill or new hobby?
Finding a way to own that beach house in Fiji?
Hiking to Everest Basecamp?
Asking for a raise?
That cute guy/girl you can’t stop thinking about?
Vanlife for a year?
Starting a cooking blog?

We get so good at letting the things we truly long get a little bit quiet and dim inside us, resting just beyond the thin glass ceiling we've put up, of “That’s not really me - I probably couldn’t” and “Maybe I’ll start on it later when I feel more capable”. In case of emergency, break glass. PS it is an emergency, you’ve got one life, and you will never have more time ahead of you than you do now.

And those things are inside of us are already there for a really good reason - they ARE who we are. We’ve got to trust our damn selves more.

So let those voices get a little louder, and start meeting them with “Why not.” “What Not Me.”

Get excited again.

Then do a little bit just to get some movement in the area again, and keep repeating to yourself - “Why Not Me.”

You’re gifted with that impulse and that excitement. Not everyone will be excited about what you are. For a reason.

So do it.

Do it. Why not you?!

Why not. One life. Why. Not. You.

If you need time and space to make something happen - jump into Damn Early Days if you’re not signed up already (you’ll get 2-3 hours every morning to focus on making your dreams come to life - what the they are doesn’t matter. That’s up to you. If you’re ever second guessing, refer back to this post.)

This also ties back into yesterday’s dose about alter-ego’s and identity. We’ve got to challenge who we think we aren’t so that we can keep becoming what we’re meant to (and truly want to) be.

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