We’ve got one request.

Reminder: Don’t treat this like an obligation. Don’t add another weight to the load you’re already carrying in life.

Treat this like freedom. Like a space you’ve made time for and is untouchable from internal guilt or shoulds, and from external requests and obligations.

Now here you are. This is freedom. And you’ve got it every single morning.

That might be a huge relief just in an of itself. Freedom from the obligations of life. Damn - what a load off. That alone can feel amazing sometimes.

But don’t stop there - there’s a feeling waiting for you that trumps that x10 and it comes from making space for the things in your life that ignite that spark in your chest. The things that make you. YOU, feel alive. Just you. We can’t tell you what those are, but we can tell you that those things are a.) your gift to the world and b.) your gift to yourself. So do us all a favour for two minutes and drop any notion of “I can’t have that”, ”I shouldn’t want that”, “I could want that later if…”

Trust yourself: What do you want.

Could be a feeling. Could be connection. Could be creative. Could be anything. Only rule is it has to genuinely light you up, at least a little bit, inside.

When we genuinely want something, it comes from somewhere inside us that has a source of energy behind it that can see things through.

Your values, your excitement, a feeling of purpose, a pull of your potential or just a feeling of joy.

So many people are run by shoulds and have-to’s and guilt and worry. It’s not bad all the time.. but that get’s heavy over time. And there’s no life in it. No energy. This program is ideally about getting shit done in ways that GIVE you energy because you’re so aligned with yourself.

Even if you think you’re on top of your game and are already doing the things you want to, keep making sure that’s fresh and alive.

Because if you can do this regularly, you’ll start enjoying your days, you’ll start feeling alive in unexpected moments, and the biggest one - you’ll start to accumulate an emotional momentum behind the things that really matter to you that can pull you through when you bump into the swells of life.

Take some time today - let yourself want things. What does that feel like?? Where do you feel it? What are those things that ignite the spark?

Once you find anything that lights you up even a little bit, sear that into your mind and trust it. That’s your gift. One of many.

Then go get it. Do something, anything that is aligned with that spark. Now you’ve also got access to something that you can attach to your goals that can pull you into a future with things you care about instead of slogging it out with all the things we think we need to do.

And don’t let any bulls*t guilty thoughts prevent you from going through with it.

Trust yourself.

Because life is both way too short not to go for what genuinely lights you up,
And way too long to keep going for things that don’t.
Full stop.

Gordon SwensonComment