If you didn’t know, Chasing Sunrise - the organization that created Damn Early Days, was actually born after doing Damn Early Days ourselves for the first time 🤔 .

It was born out of challenge, and that same playful challenge has fuelled everything we’ve done since. More on that below.

But back to challenge.. sometimes it gets painted in a bad light, but in reality..


From the day we’re born. If we don’t rise up to the challenges of life, we expire.

We’re wired for it. And it’s baked deeply into us.

As social pack animals we play off of each other to bring about success for ourselves, and most importantly, for the group.

We see each other’s strength. We have a strong sense of accountability to each other.

It’s been an incredibly cool separation towards individuality in a lot of ways - personal responsibility, personal growth, and individual contributions on mass scale have led to massive group wins in western society and throughout the world.

It’s come with some major costs though as well - we’ve been flexing the individual capacities so much that we’ve been neglecting the collective capacities and put more truthfully, we’re all pretty damn deficient of the needs we have for each other: on the level of connection, of the level of learning from each other, of emotional support, of care, of shared burdens, of shared inspiration and one of the coolest feelings - of shared success.

That’s why I love the challenge. It makes everyone better, creates a new better state that would not have existed before and creates a shared joy.

It brings about the best of both sides - the individual nature we’ve come to benefit from and cherish, while also helping us get out social needs met. And together, they also bring about an energy and success that I honestly don’t think we can reach on our own.


What’s something you’ve been wanting to do, that you just haven’t had click yet solo?

No caffeine, fitness, Cold showers, meditation, no disposable containers - whatever you’re needing more of in your life.

We put up a post in the Facebook group where you can either commit to a challenge someone has posted buy commenting underneath, or you can comment with your own challenge and call people out or have others join you.

Take advantage of the humans around you, and leverage that to make a shift.


That’s what all this is - DED and Chasing Sunrise.

We saw how easy it was for life to pull us away from things we wanted and believed in. So we wanted to put a layer of challenge on top of normal life, knowing that if we do it right, we can live on our own terms with no regrets at the end of the day.

The challenge was and is: how can we rise up and feel alive, and keep living a life that our 80-year-old-self will be proud we lived. The Experiences. The Contribution. Relationships. Growth. Fun. Forgiveness. Emotion. Spirituality.

All of it, across the board.

It’s this evolving social movement to keep living life in ways that help us all get the most of this one we’ve got, knowing deeply that together it gets so much better.

If you take a look at the Chasing Sunrise Instagram - almost all of those images came from real humans in the community doing real things. Challenging each other to step out of our comfort zones and do those things 80-year-old-us will thank us for.

Here are just a few examples:

DED - Challenge Blog - canada day.jpg

Who’s down to chase sunrise for canada day

1400 people: hell yes.

DED - Challenge Blog - aurora.jpg

Who wants to chase the auroras…

60 people: absolutely.

DED - Challenge Blog - alice lake.jpg

Hey, You want to Make winter summer again?

Uh.. hell yes I do. Let’s do it.

Cool, I have a plan...

DED - Challenge Blog - Joffre Lake.jpg

Hey, you down to chill in this frozen lake with me?

WHAT?! …..Oh god. Ok.

DED - Challenge Blog - taco trip.jpg

Hey, who’s down to drive froM CAnada to Tijuana for tacos, and drive back in the same weekend.

You’er insane. But I’m so in.

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