One of Brene Brown’s key steps to dropping straight into vulnerability is to say to ourselves or others - “The story I’m telling myself about this is…”


Whenever you encounter a situation that feels even a little off… ask yourself “The story I’m telling myself about this is…”

If you’re in a situation with another person, share it with them, if it’s by yourself just run through that internally. Or write it out.

We are all, always telling ourselves stories about EVERYTHING.

It’s how we are wired to work.

Novels and movies and songs and fables and nursery rhymes and myths and lore - we’re always absorbing retaining and processing our world around us (and ourselves) through story.

They evoke visual, visceral, emotional, full spectrum responses to situations to help us process past events, define our current circumstance or shape our future behaviour.

That’s powerful stuff.

And usually, our internal stories are allowed to run automatically inside us without much questioning at all.

So give this a solid try today - bring it into almost every situation where you feel any friction, and just see for yourself - how close is that internal story to reality, OR even better, how close is that story to the reality you actually want to bring about.

That’s a big one - because we often sell ourselves incredibly short by silently feeding ourselves a limiting internal story. I struggle with this one a ton.

After finding a hint of any story that is out of alignment with the truth of a situation, or with the truth of who you are and want to be, be vulnerable and share it swithyourself or someone else. Then fight to change the story. You’ve got that power if you are willing to exercise it. Flex the damn muscle!

Would LOVE to hear either this morning, or at the end of the day if anyone was able to turn a story around, or discovered a story that was running subconsciously which they are now changing.

The reality is, we could live our whole lives being successful at staying in the lines of someone else’s story, or shrinking from our true potential, or missing out on deep connection with other humans because of the story our fears are making up…

This whole life of ours is nothing more than one story after another - your one job in life is to keep writing something you’d love to read in your final hours.

Gordon SwensonComment