If you read that long ass post yesterday morning about your focus and your MEA (Minimum Enjoyable Actions) to get what you want to get done, done consistently. then this short post will probably be a breath of fresh air for a couple reasons:

  • A great life isn’t about achieving endless things. Relax. It’s about doing the right things and cutting the rest.

  • There is way too much crap to do in the world and everyone is selling you on theirs - you don’t have to buy any of it. It’s exhausting just thinking about.

  • Your energy, time and motivation are limited - feel good about cutting things out. Feel even better when you cut things out and re-direct that energy towards what you really do care about.

  • This set of steps will give you a lot of self confidence through realizing your own personal power to stop energy sucking thoughts and patterns and habits:

inspired from Tom Bilyeu:


  1. Clearly identify the behaviour you want to stop:

    1. Limiting thoughts about yourself, eating sugar (Lou), caffeine (Joel), procrastination (Jo and Gord).

  2. Obsess over how great it would be to quit. How unreal it would feel. What freedom or wins it would give you in life. What your life would start to look like. Daydream on it constantly. Write about it. Talk about it. Fight internally to commit to it! You need to be willing to fight against the inertia of sneaky old ways

  3. Key move: change your identity to the type of person that doesn’t do that thing anymore.

  4. The old way has gravity, so you need clear, simple statements to pull out anytime you bump up on old ways. Protect the new space: “I never do ______.” or “I just don’t do that”.

  5. Use the energy that comes up for the old desire to do the new thing and visualize the awesome parts about it, leaving any waffling behind quickly until it becomes second nature.

  6. Stop giving yourself participation medals, and start giving yourself the truth. If you messed up, own that, that feeling sucks, hey? Good, because then you get to decide in that moment you don’t want to feel that way anymore. And you get to associate that bad feeling with that old activity and not with your sense of self. Soon you’ll build an aversion to it that can save your ass in moments when you’re not motivated.This sounds shitty but it will actually give you life in those moments you slip.

  7. Stop it. Stop that thing. Quit it. And of the day you just have to stop. Decide. And practice deciding and quitting until it’s complete.

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