Sleep Is Your Super Power


Humans are a little messed up - we like things to be intense to feel like they are working for us.

Sleep is cool, calm, nothingness.

And in our endlessly busy society you’ll feel like it is a luxury.

It’s time to take the shame away from that. This video quickly helps visually put that into undeniable perspective.. especially when you watch it on 2x speed like I did so I could get to sleep sooner.
(BTW thanks to Olivia Haddon for sharing)

Anyone else feel guilty when they get 9 hours one night (one extra hour) but feel normal when they get 6 hours of sleep M-F because.. work?

Those 1-2 hour dips each night have real effects. Check this.

During the two daylight savings time changes every year, that 1.6 billion of us undergo, there are significant effects around the world. And it’s just one hour, on one day:

When we all lose 1 hour:

  • 24% increase in heart attacks the day after

When we gain 1 hour:

  • 21% reduction in heart attacks the day after

It also has a really similar effect on car accidents, suicides and a ton of other things.

He drops a couple tips at the end for getting a good sleep, but I also posted a few more tips down below and another article.

It’s great to know things, but this is all about making things happen in real life - so scroll below after, and experiment a bit or use what you need.

Damn Early Days is about changing how we live our lives by interrupting an old norm and letting us re-build life on our own terms. Making that better and better over time is also about shifting and expanding our perspectives.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” may be indicative of intense passion (awesome) but it is also proven to be indicative of awful memory, compromised immune systems, increased cancer risks.. and probably being dead a lot sooner than a good sleeper 🤷‍♂️


From Dave Asprey

There’s more in the article, but here’s a list of things things to improve the quality of your sleep.

Hacking Your Sleep: The Art and Science of Sleep -

  1. Track your sleep. There are apps that track your sleep quality based on how much you move during the night, and these apps will help you discover what works — and what doesn’t — so you can optimize your sleep patterns.

  2. Make your room as dark as possible. Unplug everything that glows, cover your windows with black curtains. Your bedroom may look like it belongs to the Unabomber, but you’ll sleep like a baby.

  3. Develop a bedtime routine that starts about 2 hours before bed, and start eliminating glowing screens then. I use Zen Tech screen protectors to block blue light from my devices.

  4. As much as you love your energy jolt from coffee, stop drinking it around 2 p.m.

  5. Make sure you go to bed before 11 pm.

  6. Don’t exercise within 2 hours before you go to bed.

  7. Consider taking supplements like Magnesium, Collagen and Krill Oil, all of which can improve your sleep in different ways.

If you’ve got some pro resources for sleep or tips that work super well for you, or things you struggle with and would like a perspective - post up and share with us:

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