Apply them and watch life change.

If we’re down and in a bad place, and we start applying them - we can literally watch things start to flourish again around us.

If you’re doing well, check in and see which ones you might be overlooking, apply them and watch some obstacles you’ve been facing fall away and new level of performance take over.

We’re wired to do so well as humans when we’re in an environment of truth - but sometimes when we get hit with challenges, we start sliding. Our performance and character can slide as well. Then we get the results of those and they compound the initial situation.

It’s easy to develop micro-apathy in different areas of life, even if some areas are flourishing.

What principles have you found in your life that work for you? What are your guiding rules for life that you’ve found are things that you can’t actually break, but only break yourself against?

Here are a few solid ones:

  • Be truthful. This is enormous. Can not be understated. And doesn’t have the emotional punch or excitement of other traits, but it is literally a trait that can completely change our experience of the world: when people trust us, they are more benign, when they are more benign there is less friction. When we have less friction in life there is less emotional taxation on our mind and system. When the emotional taxation lifts, we no longer have to fight or justify or figure out or avoid - life opens up. And the energy of life can free flow out from us (un-inhibited), and into our lives from others (un-guarded).

  • Give to others. This has ripple effects and creates a net-supportive world not only around you, but beyond you.

  • Forgive - yourself and others. Without exception. Angst hurts you and cuts off the oxygen for either you or the other person to grow. A natural principle of life is change and growth. If you can’t forgive yourself or other people you’re denying the truth that we’re all changing and learning and growing and fucking up and fixing things and being human. Socrates said “Every woman/man is trying to choose the good, they often just do not know what the good is.”

  • Tomorrow starts today. Everything we want in the future comes from now. And now. And now. Tomorrow never comes, only now does. And a better now in the future can only be built right now. And you’ll likely need a good chunk of now to build the future you’re wanting. So don’t kick the can too far down the road. Make the most of now, whatever you need to do with it (rest/plan/dream/build/learn/enjoy/heal/connect/grind/detour etc.)

  • Compassion - for yourself and others. Everyone was born into this world a stranger and afraid in a world we never made. Everyone is trying to do their best (even when they make terrible choices), and everyone is here to learn. Forgiveness lets go of grievances, compassion has a heart for the struggles in ourselves and others.

  • Let go - life is always in flux. Nothing is ever fixed. Ever. If you stay aware but let go constantly, you’ll not only free yourself from a ton of mental garbage and old baggage, but you’ll open yourself up to be in a state of flow that gets longer and longer the more you practice letting go.

The main reason principles heal is this: we can stop thinking. Ruminating. Stressing. We can do less, and trust that things will turn in the right direction.

It lets us stop doing mental-emotional-gymnastic-ing to try and sort situations. We can calm ourselves. Slow our roll, and trust that these things will bring us back into alignment with the person we want to be, and it will ALSO bring the world back into alignment with the supportive welcoming environment we’re all craving.

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