Today’s mission: play.

Everything you’re doing - approach it with the mindset:

“how can I have fun with this?”
“how can I play with this? Make it into a game?”

Try and apply it to everything you can. See how far you can take it and pull other people into the game with you.

I guarantee it will be refreshing as hell for your co-workers, and your relationships, and for yourself.

Take the seriousness out of it all - we’re ripping through the endless freezing cold void of dark space on a smooth wobbling, spinning chunk of space dust, which happens to be set to the perfect temperature for our meat chariots to stay fluid and to play in this crazy 1-in-a-trillion-trillion garden of life.

Here’s an article on the importance of play, not only for your health, but for reaching your potential:

“What all play has in common,” Brown says, “is that it offers a sense of engagement and pleasure, takes the player out of a sense of time and place, and the experience of doing it is more important than the outcome.”

Make as much of your life like that, and you win the game ;)

Gordon SwensonComment