Instead of seeking certain comforts to ease your pain,

Let that pain tell you the truth. Listen. Sit with it. Welcome it.

What’s out of line? What’s missing for you? What are you bottling up? What are you frustrated with?

And once you look at it - decide where you want to go instead.

Then get excited about going there. Change your state to propel you forward.

If you nail this process, it will provide you with a way “out” from the pain that will bring even more certain good feelings than the normal “escapes” our society is sold on. We don’t actually want to numb out… but so often it just seems like the best, or only, option..

Your own ability to use the pain for good, if you nail this process, will become so certain, looking for your pain points will start to excite you because it will unlock the things you really care about in life.

  1. Listen for the pain as a gift - listen to it as if it’s telling you some yet unknown truth. Be willing to hear anything.

  2. Let yourself feel disturbed by it. That’s the precursor to change - it’s the ignition. And it’s required.

  3. Get clear on a result you want instead. Decide. With conviction.

  4. Get excited about going forward - let yourself feel what it would be like to have it. This is the fuel.

Gordon SwensonComment